Can I record my phone calls?

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AYour plat­form makes all the dif­fer­ence here. There are nu­mer­ous ways on An­droid – Call Recorder ACR (free) should do the trick – but it’s a lit­tle tougher in the more con­trolled en­vi­ron­ment of iOS. There’s a ser­vice called TapeACall, which you loop into a con­fer­ence call and it will record ev­ery­thing and send you the file later. The eas­i­est bet is to use Skype on a Mac to call, and soft­ware like Piezo to record. Let’s be straight, though: you prob­a­bly shouldn’t be record­ing your calls. It’s ques­tion­ably il­le­gal (def­i­nitely so if you don’t tell the other per­son it’s hap­pen­ing), and while Guru is a fan of black­mail he’s not buy­ing what you’re selling here.

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