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T3 In­dia as a mag­a­zine/ezine rightly fo­cuses on prod­ucts that are new and un­der de­vel­op­ment. This, of course, does not sug­gest or im­ply that ev­ery­thing old is bad and out­dated. The pace at which tech­nol­ogy moves, de­mands that we cover all prod­uct de­vel­op­ments for our read­ers. In few cases, this means go­ing back to the past. Look at the world­wide revival of turnta­bles. Only 15 years ago, the turntable was con­signed to the dust­bin. To­day, press­ing plants are hard pressed to meet the de­mand. The area where retro is most in de­mand is mu­sic – both West­ern and In­dian, and T3 In­dia seeks to ad­dress this gap. We hope you en­joy this sec­tion.

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