Turn­ing the wheels of for­tune

Tehelka - - 20 - BABBALS J,

Thanks for that bril­liant in­sight into the pol­i­tics of Ni­tish Ku­mar. It was easy for the reader to see through his dis­like for Naren­dra Modi. He is more gen­uine and less evil than Modi. My friends from Bi­har, who would oth­er­wise shud­der at the thought of re­turn­ing back, are now open to the prospect of re­lo­cat­ing there.

Re­fer to ‘ Jail­house Rock’ by Ashish Khetan, 23 June.



Re­fer to ‘ The Dark Horse for 2014?’ by Rana Ayyub, 1 Septem­ber. This is the ques­tion haunt­ing ev­ery­one’s mind. Who will be the PM can­di­date of the NDA in 2014? There are many as­pi­rants from Ad­vani to Arun Jait­ley and from Naren­dra Modi to Ni­tish Ku­mar. But will the BJP al­low any­one from out­side to take the place?



ANURAKT JAIN, ON EMAIL Re­fer to ‘His Cup of Woes Run­neth Over’ by Rana Ayyub, 18 Au­gust. I could not hold my­self and thought I must write to you for what you brought out in your ar­ti­cle. I would like to thank you for re­mov­ing the masks of these so-called da­coits turned politi­cians.

The re­cent Gu­jarat saga was aptly cov­ered If democ­racy means that peo­ple can write any rub­bish on any­one or any process, you are jus­ti­fied. On the other hand, on moral and eth­i­cal grounds, what you have writ­ten is to­tally non­sen­si­cal. Re­fer to ‘The Ke­jri­wal Co­nun­drum’ by Re­vati Laul, 18 Au­gust.



To crit­i­cise Ke­jri­wal, how­ever, is in no way to con­done the ve­nal­ity of the po­lit­i­cal class in gen­eral, or the malafide of the UPA gov­ern­ment, in par­tic­u­lar. Rather, it is to ask what state have we brought our­selves to that a pub­lic war­rior must speak so loud and hard to rouse our at­ten­tion?" How­ever, that is ex­actly what you and other wor­thies have been do­ing for the past year and a half.

BAPPA MUKHER­JEE, ON EMAIL The IAC started off well with the mid­dle class sup­port­ing Anna Hazare. The fo­cus was on Anna Hazare and the fight against cor­rup­tion. But peo­ple had no idea where this was lead­ing. Ev­ery­thing hap­pened fast. The dead­lines for the de­mands be­ing made by

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