A Vi­cious Floods and Funds Cy­cle

Ev­ery flood in As­sam gets Cen­tral aid. But noth­ing changes on the ground for the poor and home­less.


PRAN­JAL SAIKIA, 30, a re­porter from Ma­juli, swims against the flood­wa­ters, try­ing to reach Bor­beel vil­lage. Bor­beel is one of the worst af­fected vil­lages in Ma­juli, one of the largest fresh wa­ter is­lands of Asia.

“Here peo­ple learn to live with flood and ero­sion since their birth,” says Pran­jal, cap­tur­ing the dev­as­ta­tion on cam­era. “Af­ter ev­ery flood, funds are pumped in, but noth­ing is ever done to strengthen the em­bank­ments.” Al­most the whole of Ma­juli is un­der wa­ter; its only link to the main­land,

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