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Women more ad­dicted to cell­phones than men


Wash­ing­ton, Sept. 1: Women are more likely to use cell­phones for tex­ting or emails to build re­la­tion­ships and have deeper con­ver­sa­tions, while men pre­fer us­ing their de­vices for en­ter­tain­ment pur­poses and ac­cess­ing so­cial net­work­ing sites, a new US study has found.

Women col­lege stu­dents spend an av­er­age of 10 hours a day on their cell­phones and men col­lege stu­dents spend nearly eight, with ex­ces­sive use pos­ing po­ten­tial risks for aca­demic per­for­mance, re­searchers from Bay­lor Univer­sity said.

“As cell­phone func­tions in­crease, ad­dic­tions to this seem­ingly in­dis­pens­able piece of tech­nol­ogy be­come an in­creas­ingly re­al­is­tic pos­si­bil­ity,” said re­searcher James Roberts, The Ben H. Wil­liams Pro­fes­sor of Mar­ket­ing in Bay­lor’s Hankamer School of Business.

The study noted that ap­prox­i­mately 60 per cent of col­lege stu­dents ad­mit they may be ad­dicted to their cell­phone, and some in­di­cated they get ag­i­tated when it is not in sight.

The study — based on an on­line survey of 164 col­lege stu­dents — ex­am­ined 24 cell­phone ac­tiv­i­ties and found that time spent on 11 of those ac­tiv­i­ties dif­fered sig­nif­i­cantly across the sexes. Some func­tions — among them Pin­ter­est and In­sta­gram — are as­so­ci­ated sig­nif­i­cantly with cell­phone ad­dic­tion. But oth­ers that might log­i­cally seem to be ad­dic­tive — In­ter­net use and gaming — were not.

Of the top ac­tiv­i­ties, re­spon­dents over­all re­ported spend­ing the most time tex­ting ( an av­er­age of 94.6 min­utes a day), fol­lowed by send­ing emails ( 48.5 min­utes), check­ing Face­book ( 38.6 min­utes), surf­ing the In­ter­net ( 34.4 min­utes) and lis­ten­ing to their iPods ( 26.9 min­utes).

Men send about the same num­ber of emails as women but spend less time on each.

“That may sug­gest that they’re send­ing shorter, more util­i­tar­ian mes­sages than their fe­male coun­ter­parts,” Roberts said.

Women may be more in­clined to use cell­phones for so­cial rea­sons such as tex­ting or emails to build re­la­tion­ships and have deeper con­ver­sa­tions, the study sug­gested.

The men in the study were more oc­cu­pied with us­ing their cell­phones for util­i­tar­ian or en­ter­tain­ment pur­poses.

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