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Get well HEELED

You no longer need to get bogged down by the pain caused by wear­ing high heels


Ev­ery woman loves her shoes , es­pe­cially the sky high ones. How­ever, no mat­ter how com­fort­able they are in the be­gin­ning, long hours of stand­ing and walk­ing around can takes its toll on the poor sole. That said it is quite in­trigu­ing how mod­els and ac­tresses can with­stand the long tor­tur­ous hours with­out as much as winc­ing with pain. Well, their se­cret is out. It is the der­mal fillers that are in­jected into the ball of the foot that has come to their aid.

Ear­lier this year, Kim Kar­dashian un­der­went a li­po­suc­tion for her feet just be­fore her wed­ding to fit into her shoes. She has al­legedly also got der­mal fillers to ease the pain. It isn't just Kim; the treat­ment is fa­mous with many celebs, es­pe­cially Vic­to­ria Beck­ham and Lady Gaga. Both of whom are well known for their pas­sion for ex­tremely high heels. The pro­ce­dure in­volves fillers be­ing in­jected into the balls and

The pro­ce­dure takes only 15 - 30 mins. This cre­ates a pil­low ef­fect on your toes and feet and takes away the burn­ing pain

heels of the feet so you feel like you are walk­ing on air, even in six- inch stilet­tos. As the heel height in­creases, more pres­sure is placed on the balls of the feet. This leads to a con­di­tion called ' stiletto tarsal­gia' char­ac­terised by aching or burn­ing pain. The in­jec­tion of der­mal fillers in the feet can help re­lieve the sit­u­a­tion by adding ex­tra ' cush­ion' and pro­tec­tion. That apart, the height of the heel also causes bal­ance im­pair­ment, which can be made worse by foot sweat­ing. This is when this pro­ce­dure that is nick named, Loub Job, after the cel­e­brated shoe de­signer Christian Louboutin comes handy. Apart from the cush­ion­ing, you can also opt for two other tiny in­jec­tions that will make life eas­ier. Bo­tulinum Toxin Type A helps pre­vent sweaty feet while the Vi­ta­mins and min­er­als shot pro­motes cell re­ju­ve­na­tion.

Speak­ing of the Der­mal filler pro­ce­dure, it takes just about 15 - 30 min­utes to be done. The filler cre­ates a pil­low ef­fect on your toes and feet, thus tak­ing away the burn­ing pain as­so­ci­ated with high heels. The in­jec­tions pro­vide an in­ter­nal pad­ding that is soft and smooth, sim­i­lar to the ar­ti­fi­cial gel soles put in the shoes for ex­tra com­fort. Since the filler ma­te­rial used to in­ject is a gel, it is upto 10 fold more com­fort­able than us­ing gel soles. The in­jec­tions do pain slightly, but you can slip into your heels the very next day with­out the usual throb­bing pain. The ef­fects of the pro­ce­dure can last from eight months to ap­prox­i­mately a year. — The au­thor is a con­sul­tant cos­metic der­ma­tol­o­gist

 ??  ?? Yummy mummy Vic­to­ria Beck­ham who al­ways wears heels is ru­moured to have en­quired about der­mal fillers for her soles
Yummy mummy Vic­to­ria Beck­ham who al­ways wears heels is ru­moured to have en­quired about der­mal fillers for her soles

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