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With the wed­ding sea­son in its full glory, ev­ery girl wants to look her best on her ‘ spe­cial day’. While rou­tine treat­ments such as clean- ups, fa­cials, microderma­brasion and chem­i­cal peels are ef­fec­tive to main­tain the skin, brides- to- be need to un­der­take a more in­ten­sive regime to look out of the or­di­nary. HA Meso Lift: This is more of a hy­drat­ing treat­ment with hyaluronic acid which is placed as small drops be­neath your skin. The hyaluronic acid is a nat­u­ral con­tent of your skin. As you age this con­tent loses its form and starts to de­plete. Post this treat­ment what you will no­tice is that your fine lines are now erased and the skin looks hy­drated and sup­ple. Vita C Meso Glow: This is another op­tion for brides who want glow­ing skin. A ster­ile so­lu­tion of Vi­ta­min C, anti- ox­i­dants, light­en­ing agents and amino- acids are in­jected into the skin us­ing derma- roller or meso nee­dles. The treat­ment makes the skin more lu­mi­nous, helps treat dull com­plex­ion and patchy pig­men­ta­tion. Yel­low Peel: Now you don’t have to think twice be­fore wear­ing your low- waist lehen­gas with back­less blouses and sport that sexy bride look. Yel­low Peel can be done four to six weeks be­fore the wed­ding func­tions on the back and neck. It helps ex­fo­li­ate and re­new the skin in th­ese ar­eas. The so­lu­tion is ap­plied on th­ese ar­eas for 10 mins and you are sent home and ad­vised to wash them off after six hours. The dead skin keeps peel­ing off for 10 days leav­ing be­hind skin with bet­ter tex­ture and much lesser blem­ishes. — The au­thor is a cos­metic der­ma­tol­o­gist and a laser sur­geon

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