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Lil­lian Eich­ler Wat­son said, “Don’t re­serve your best be­hav­ior for spe­cial oc­ca­sions. You can’' t have two sets of man­ners, two so­cial codes — one for those you ad­mire and want to im­press, another for those whom you con­sider unim­por­tant. You must be the same to all peo­ple.”

Sim­i­larly, don't re­serve your best bridge for spe­cial oc­ca­sions. You must play the same against all op­po­nents. The deals this week oc­curred dur­ing a so­cial game of bridge, but all four were try­ing to play their best.

What do you think of the auc­tion?

The first seven calls are fine ( although if North­South had been us­ing the support dou­ble, South could have dou­bled one spade to show three- card heart support and any point- count).

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