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It does not mat­ter what you want to be in the world, in some way you are al­ways try­ing to be like some­one or be bet­ter than some­one. If you want to play mu­sic, you think of a cer­tain kind of mu­sic only be­cause you have heard it be­fore. If you like some­one’s mu­sic, you ei­ther want to play like them or one step above them. What­ever you do with what is around you, you are al­ways try­ing to ei­ther be like some­one else or bet­ter than some­one else.

The spir­i­tual process is es­sen­tially to be­come in such a way that: “I am com­plete by my­self. I don’t need to be­come any­thing or to make my­self into some­thing. If I sim­ply sit here, I am so ab­so­lute, all ex­is­tence is within me.” The ul­ti­mate goal and the process it­self is such that it is not nec­es­sary to be like any­one else. Each in­di­vid­ual can be his or her own way and still progress.

The prob­lem is, you keep eval­u­at­ing your­self by your own stan­dards as to whether you are pro­gress­ing or not. This eval­u­a­tion should not be done by you. When you were in school, you were not the one who eval­u­ated. Though it would have been quite sim­ple to do it, it was some­one else who did it for you. When that is so, why do you strug­gle by eval­u­at­ing your­self when you are on the spir­i­tual path? There is no need to eval­u­ate your­self. You sim­ply do what is needed. The eval­u­a­tion will hap­pen in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent di­men­sion. You can­not do spir­i­tu­al­ity, you have to al­low it. If you al­low it, it will hap­pen. To al­low it, you need a cer­tain level of ma­tu­rity within you. Oth­er­wise, you will want to med­dle with it all the time.

Sad­hana is just to ma­ture your en­er­gies in such a way that if you sit down, you don’t need to do any­thing. You are will­ing to al­low what­ever hap­pens to hap­pen. If you want small, petty things to hap­pen to you, you can do it, but if you really want some­thing enor­mous to hap­pen to you, this “you” is not needed. If you know how to keep your­self aside, it will hap­pen. “How do I do that?” You can­not do that. You just have to al­low it. Yoga means to bring your en­er­gies to that level of sta­bil­ity where you can just be. You are not try­ing to do any­thing or to get some­where. You sim­ply al­low what has to hap­pen to hap­pen. This is not a race that you have got­ten your­self into. This is a way of set­tling back into your­self.

The writer is a yogi, mys­tic, vi­sion­ary and best­selling au­thor. He has been con­ferred the Padma Vib­hushan.

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