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What is Tata CLiQ’s So­cial Me­dia Man­ager do­ing in a film about Uber? San­jay Gupta, Uber In­dia’s head of mar­ket­ing ex­plains.

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Mo­bile app-based taxi ag­gre­ga­tor, Uber In­dia, re­cently launched a new dig­i­tal cam­paign, Uber Jour­neys. The cam­paign is a col­lec­tion of videosto­ries about the lives of pas­sen­gers and driver-part­ners. The brand plans to launch more un­der the cam­paign. 22feet Tribal World­wide is the agency on the ac­count.

The first video tells a story of a vis­ually im­paired man, Ruchir Falo­dia, so­cial me­dia man­ager for Tata CLiQ. We asked San­jay Gupta, head of mar­ket­ing, Uber In­dia if this was a CSR ac­tiv­ity?

He says, “No it is not. We wanted to cre­ate cam­paigns with our rid­ers and driver-part­ners. On a daily ba­sis, we find a lot of sto­ries that are truly fas­ci­nat­ing and which we want to share and be a part of. This is about us telling the world what hap­pens at Uber, who our rid­ers and driver­part­ners are. This is a brand film where we are try­ing to show­case how tech­nol­ogy helps the rider solve his prob­lems in a mean­ing­ful man­ner.”

Since Falo­dia is an em­ployee of Tata CLiQ, we asked Gupta if Uber and Tata CLiQ have a tie up. He says, “We con­tacted Ruchir be­cause of his story and then found out that he works for Tata CLiQ. There is no part­ner­ship with Tata CLiQ.”

In the re­cent past, there have been brands that have done cause-re­lated ads. The most re­cent one be­ing, H& R John­son. We went on to ask Gupta that if a brand doesn’t stand for a cause to­day, is it doomed?

Gupta says, “It depends on where you start from. I be­lieve every­body should do it and try and make this a bet­ter world whether it is through a cam­paign or a CSR ac­tiv­ity, the brands should go out of their way to make the world a bet­ter place.”

Talk­ing about what en­gage­ment means to him, Falo­dia, says, “En­gage­ment is not just about likes and com­ments. It is about some­one be­ing in­ter­ested in a page and check­ing out what’s hap­pen­ing on Tata CliQ and what are they com­ing out with. Once you have achieved that kind of an in­ter­est, that’s the real def­i­ni­tion of true en­gage­ment.”

About the shoot­ing chal­lenge, he says, “Apart from the weather, be­cause it was rain­ing, ev­ery­thing was smooth. It was a two-day shoot, but I’m used to in­ter­views so it was okay for me; not much of a chal­lenge. Of course, I was in touch with the con­cerned per­son at Uber who was tak­ing care of the shoot and he ex­plained the logic be­hind this film. I was us­ing Uber for a very long time so I was pretty com­fort­able with the whole con­cept.”

With re­gards to the ob­jec­tive of do­ing this film, Falo­dia, says, “The rea­son for do­ing all this is not be­cause of some self­ish pop­u­lar­ity in­dex mea­sure­ment. My ob­jec­tive for do­ing this is that some­where, some­one would see this and un­der­stand that vis­ually im­paired guys can do this as well. Now, the men­tal­ity is that they will take an eas­ier sub­ject. Some­day some CMO, CEO would see this and would be in­ter­ested in giv­ing us a chance. That’s the ob­jec­tive, that it will cre­ate some aware­ness.

We asked our dig­i­tal ex­pert that since this is be­com­ing a com­mon thing be­tween In­dian brand videos, do brands need to work very hard to cre­ate dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion?

Carl­ton D’Silva, CEO and chief cre­ative of­fi­cer, Hungama Dig­i­tal Ser­vices, says, “We have a herd men­tal­ity when it comes to ideas un­for­tu­nately and when one route does well, many want to adopt the tried and tested model. We need to re­alise that each idea/ route does come with an ex­piry date.” D’Silva feels it is a well shot ad. “But the sub­ject is very or­di­nary,” he says.

What about brands stand­ing for a cause? Would be doomed if they didn’t? He says, “I don’t know if this is one of those ads that states what the brand stands for. The brand acts as a cat­a­lyst to make things hap­pen.”n

“Brands should go out of their way to make the world a bet­ter place, whether it is a cam­paign or a CSR ini­tia­tive.” SAN­JAY GUPTA

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