Will ad­ver­tis­ers pay a pre­mium for a spe­cialised web au­di­ence?

A panel of ex­perts dis­cussed the chal­lenge and prom­ise of spe­cialised web­sites, at Digipub World.

The Brand Reporter - - POINT OF VIEW - By Ash­wini Gan­gal

GAUTAM SHELAR busi­ness head, Mon­ey­con­trol

THERE IS A CER­TAIN PRE­MIUM THAT COMES, BUT ONE CAN­NOT SAY IT’S A MUL­TI­PLE OF A GENERIC NEWS SITE. The chal­lenge is – ‘plain jane’ advertising is not work­ing.

Dig­i­tal me­dia is about per­for­mance; pub­lish­ers – large or niche – may talk about brand­ing, but I’ve been here long enough to know that fun­da­men­tally it’s about per­for­mance. We need to adapt and fig­ure out what so­lu­tions we can bring to the mix in or­der to bring the user down to the con­ver­sion fun­nel. There is some money that’s there for pure dis­play or pure brand­ing, but if your rev­enue as­pi­ra­tion is in the 100s of crores of ru­pees, then that ap­proach doesn’t work.

As pub­lish­ers we need to mar­ket our­selves heav­ily. I don’t think a lot of us do that well. We also don’t get enough ‘mindspace’ with agen­cies... Google and Face­book get 90 per cent of the ‘mind­share’.

VIKAS GUPTA founder and di­rec­tor, 9.9 Me­di­a­worx


I’d be happy to get advertising money, for­get pre­mi­ums! That’s where the strug­gle lies. Ad­ver­tis­ers, me­dia agen­cies and ad agen­cies are still owned or run by peo­ple from my gen­er­a­tion or one gen­er­a­tion older... they still park 90 per cent of their funds with tra­di­tional me­dia. There the money just goes with good hope and guessti­mates by agen­cies... Do they even ask for unique de­liv­er­ies, CTRs, viewa­bil­ity, com­pleted views, con­ver­sion rates? But we as dig­i­tal pub­lish­ers, who get the small­est frac­tion of their me­dia bud­get, get scru­ti­nised and bashed, but just we have the data and can be mea­sured? In­stead, em­power me be­cause I have the data... give me more funds.

I have an ob­jec­tion to say­ing ‘per­for­mance equals sales’. ‘Per­for­mance equals brand eq­uity’ is just as im­por­tant.

GOPA KU­MAR vice pres­i­dent, Iso­bar In­dia

MY QUES­TION IS – WHAT DO YOU CON­STI­TUTE AS ‘PRE­MIUM’? IF PUB­LISH­ERS CAN DE­FINE PRE­MIUM FOR US (agen­cies) or brands, then brands will be more than will­ing to pump in pre­mium monies...

It’s im­por­tant for niche sites to be able to de­fine ‘pre­mium’ and ex­plain why an au­di­ence would come there and spend time there... and why a mar­keter should pay a pre­mium for those au­di­ences when they can reach those same au­di­ences pro­gram­mat­i­cally as well. That’s a chal­lenge.

Brand mar­keters are look­ing at the end goal only, rather than look­ing at the over­all fun­nel. Dig­i­tal is not just a per­for­mance medium - yes it is - but I think we should be look­ing at brand build­ing too. What tra­di­tional me­dia can do, dig­i­tal me­dia can do bet­ter... with a layer of per­for­mance (mea­sure­ment) and con­ver­sion as well.

PRIYADARSHI BANERJEE gen­eral man­ager, prod­uct strat­egy, World­wide Me­dia

THE OWN­ER­SHIP OF IN­NO­VA­TION LIES WITH ME­DIA AGEN­CIES AND THE OWN­ER­SHIP OF cre­at­ing good con­tent lies with pub­lish­ers. Can we marry them?

It’s not just about spe­cialised au­di­ences; there are other in­ter­play­ing fac­tors. While we can harp on hav­ing cu­rated sets of au­di­ences that are ready on the ta­ble for you (ad­ver­tis­ers), as op­posed to you hav­ing to go to large scale pub­lish­ers and get­ting sliced and diced data, which could be ‘stum­bled upon’ data, com­mand for pre­mium pay comes from data (in­sights, en­gage­ment) and for­mat (in­ven­tory, place­ment, con­tent).

Be­tween the start­ing point, that is, spe­cialised au­di­ences and the fi­nal point, that is, per­for­mance, there is a lot of value that spe­cialised pub­lish­ers bring to the ta­ble. We part­ner with mar­keters and me­dia agen­cies to un­der­stand at what part of the fun­nel they want us to cre­ate value.

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