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The brand launches a dig­i­tal cam­paign ti­tled ‘#HowSafeAreYou.’

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Go­drej Lock­ing So­lu­tions and Sys­tems has re­cently launched a three-film dig­i­tal cam­paign ti­tled ‘#HowSafeAreYou’. It has been cre­ated by Why­ness World­wide, pro­duced by Blue Drop and di­rected by Nikhil Ma­ha­jan.

In the videos for­mer rob­bers talk about how they used to break into homes. The idea is to cre­ate aware­ness around safety. The prod­uct brand­ing is sub­tle; the prod­uct is dis­played at the end of each of the three videos, along with a su­per that reads ‘Is­sued in pub­lic in­ter­est’.

The brand plans to make shorter ed­its of these films and pro­mote the videos in the­atres in the near fu­ture.

About the brief and idea, Shyam Mot­wani, ex­ec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent and busi­ness head, Go­drej Locks, tells afaqs! Re­porter, “It was a sim­ple, one-line brief — ‘Please cre­ate some­thing that has not been done so far to pro­mote safety at home’. When the agency pre­sented the story, we found it re­fresh­ingly new in its creative ap­proach and thought. We wanted to make some­thing ‘in pub­lic in­ter­est’ in or­der to cre­ate aware­ness around home safety in our coun­try. We had the younger gen­er­a­tion of po­ten­tial users in mind and our fo­cus was on dig­i­tal plat­forms to con­nect with this dig­i­tal au­di­ence. And since the mes­sage had to be de­liv­ered in an ap­pro­pri­ate way, we feel a TVC would never have achieved what we wanted... hence, we made dig­i­tal films.”

Three dif­fer­ent prod­ucts from Go­drej Locks have been show­cased in these films.

About the me­dia plan, Mot­wani adds, “We have no plans to make TVCs. A TV com­mer­cial, in a typ­i­cal mar­ket­ing world, is about ‘prob­lem­so­lu­tion’. We are not pre­sent­ing this as a prob­lem and a so­lu­tion. What we are say­ing is - we live in a mod­ern world where the rate of crime has in­creased, is tak­ing an ugly form and that hu­man life is at stake. With el­ders and kids at home, one has to be ex­tra care­ful about safety...”

The core tar­get au­di­ence for the brand is the 25-45 year old (male and fe­male) from SEC A and B.

‘How did the team man­age to shoot these videos?’ They fea­ture ac­tual rob­bers, mind you. Well, okay... for­mer rob­bers. Speak­ing about the chal­lenges, Ravi Desh­pande, founder and chief creative of­fi­cer, Why­ness World­wide, tells afaqs! Re­porter, “Find­ing these ex-rob­bers, who were will­ing to speak into a cam­era and con­fess... and talk about how they went about their ‘busi­ness’, was a chal­lenge. Our pro­duc­tion house man­aged to con­vince them and they agreed... as long as their faces were not seen.” Their names, how­ever, ap­pear as su­pers on the screen.

It took the pro­duc­tion team (Blue Drop) around two to three months to find these in­di­vid­u­als and get them to agree to be­ing part this cam­paign, we learn. “The team had to go to jails, po­lice sta­tions (to ac­cess their files) and do a lot of re­search...” says Desh­pande, re­call­ing the process of ‘re­cruit­ing’ these now ‘re­formed rob­bers’ as Go­drej puts it.

The ads were shot in a stu­dio de­signed to re­sem­ble some sort of in­ter­ro­ga­tion room. afaqs! Re­porter asked Desh­pande about the rea­son be­hind shoot­ing in a dark, dingy jail-type set­ting. Why not just have them face a cam­era (faces could be blurred) in a brightly lit room and talk about the same ex­pe­ri­ences? Was it merely to add drama to the videos? He an­swers, “It is an en­vi­ron­ment that is in sync with the sub­ject. We had to do jus­tice to the con­tent.”

The ex-rob­bers in the ads say Go­drej Locks are un­break­able. afaqs! Re­porter asked the dig­i­tal ex­perts ‘whether that sort of en­dorse­ment is be­liev­able and whether the cam­paign will yield the de­sired im­pact?’

Ja­han Van­drevala, creative direc­tor, iProspect In­dia, a dig­i­tal agency from the sta­ble of Dentsu Aegis Net­work, says, “While the con­cept seems clut­ter-break­ing, I be­lieve a bit of demon­stra­tion can work won­ders. So it’s an in­ter­est­ing idea, but the ex­e­cu­tion could have been bet­ter. Imag­ine a rob­ber demon­strat­ing his tech­niques for break­ing dif­fer­ent locks and then try­ing to break a Go­drej lock. Even if we see rob­bers try­ing hard to break Go­drej locks, I think it’s a home run! Such a nar­ra­tive helps build a realistic ap­proach for the brand.”

He adds, “As a viewer, how a rob­ber thinks and how he breaks into a home is in­ter­est­ing to know — just out of sheer cu­rios­ity. The en­vi­ron­ment of a jail def­i­nitely adds to the idea.”

Martin Ravva, creative head, Zirca, a dig­i­tal agency, says, “There were two parts to each of the ads. In the first half, we get a glimpse of the thieves’ ex­pe­ri­ences when they com­mit­ted rob­beries; this nar­ra­tive comes across as true and au­then­tic. How­ever, the lat­ter half, in which the prod­uct is in­tro­duced, seemed a lit­tle scripted...”

Ac­cord­ing to him, this cam­paign could have taken a more realistic and in­ter­est­ing ap­proach if these Go­drej locks were shown at­tached to real doors in a hous­ing so­ci­ety. “The thieves could have tried break­ing these locks us­ing all the tools and tech­niques they spoke of. Their fail­ure to break them could have cre­ated bet­ter im­pact,” he says. ■

The brand plans to make shorter ed­its of the films and pro­mote them in the­atres.

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