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In its new spot, the brand rides on its B2B eq­uity (in­forms con­sumers that many home ap­pli­ances are coated with Nerolac) to boost pref­er­ence in the re­tail mar­ket.

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Nerolac rides its B2B strength to boost its B2C mar­ket.

Nerolac Paints, from the house of Kan­sai Nerolac Paints, rides on the brand’s B2B strength to boost its B2C mar­ket pres­ence in its lat­est ad film - There is a Lit­tle Bit of Nerolac in Your Life. The ad has de­liv­ered the ageold mes­sage of a paint brand (beauty, shine and dura­bil­ity) in a seem­ingly new way.

As the 40-sec­ond long film un­folds, the grey walls of Ran­veer Singh’s house wear a shabby look, but the re­frig­er­a­tor is still shin­ing as it did when he got it as a mar­riage present from his friend. But how is the ‘chamak’ still ‘barkaraar’? The same friend, who joins the Singh fam­ily for din­ner, breaks the ice and un­veils the truth - the re­frig­er­a­tor is coated with Nerolac paint. This shocks the rest and thus poses the star­tling ques­tion - Mere fridge pe Nerolac?

The scene is fol­lowed by vi­su­als of in­dus­trial ma­chin­ery paint­ing re­frig­er­a­tors and a VO stat­ing that most ap­pli­ances in In­dian homes re­tain their lus­tre through the years be­cause of Nerolac paints and the brand urges view­ers to do the same for their homes.

The big­gest take away from the ad is prob­a­bly Nerolac’s claims that it has covertly pen­e­trated most In­dian house­holds and peo­ple have been un­know­ing users for years. The ad presents rea­son for con­sumers to be happy about it.

But why did the brand make it so overt with an ad film? Why now and to what end?

afaqs! Re­porter spoke to Peeyush Bachlaus, GM - mar­ket­ing, Kan­sai Nerolac Paints, to find out more about the mar­ket­ing ploy.

“Nerolac is a lead­ing brand when it comes to part­ner­ing with OEMs (orig­i­nal equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers) in the coun­try, be it ap­pli­ances or cars and it’s a mat­ter of pride for us,” Bachlaus states.

Bachlaus tells that Nerolac had tried some­thing sim­i­lar with an ad cam­paign back in 2003-04 with ac­tor Amitabh Bachchan as its am­bas­sador. The ad was laced with emo­tions but was less spe­cific than the lat­est cam­paign.

“It was a fairly long time ago and 10-15 years is quite long in terms of con­sumer mem­ory. But this a fresh take on the role of paint in a con­sumer’s life,” he says.

“The need for such a cam­paign has al­ways ex­isted. When­ever we told peo­ple that Nerolac also paints items right from a hair­clip to home ap­pli­ances and cars, it al­ways cre­ates a ‘wow’ ef­fect. Peo­ple are sur­prised. Prac­ti­cally, we are say­ing that Nerolac is sur­round­ing you. There is a sense of cred­i­bil­ity at­tached to a brand and there is com­fort in go­ing with things that have been around,” Bachlaus ex­plains while dis­cussing the pur­pose of the cam­paign.

“An­other thing is the role the paints play - to keep things like cars shiny and beau­ti­ful - and keep them

Nerolac had tried some­thing sim­i­lar in 2003-04 with ac­tor Amitabh Bachchan.

that way for many years. One wants to do the same for houses too. It builds our cre­den­tials in that space,” he adds.

“A con­sumer, on an av­er­age, re­paints a house ev­ery four years, but the paint is bought keep­ing in mind its dura­bil­ity,” Bachlaus says on the dif­fer­ence be­tween the re­quire­ment of dura­bil­ity of paints on con­sumer durables and houses. How­ever, he main­tains that re­paint­ing could be at­trib­uted to many is­sues like a change in choice.

“Paint is an ex­cit­ing cat­e­gory and ul­ti­mately we are in the life­style space. There are things like as­pi­ra­tions, vi­brance, beauty, and hope weaved in and the con­sumer is also evolv­ing. There are al­ways new things and the chal­lenges are to latch on to them as they come up,” Bachlaus com­ments on how dif­fi­cult is it to de­liver the same mes­sages of beauty, sheen and dura­bil­ity time and time again.

Kul­vin­der Ah­luwalia, pres­i­dent, FCB Ulka, the agency that crafted the cam­paign, says, “The cam­paign took us many months. The chal­lenge was that it’s a new mes­sage in the paints cat­e­gory, given the ba­sic cat­e­gory codes like beauty, dura­bil­ity etc. The brand has been try­ing to break the clut­ter for quite some time. A sug­ges­tion, post brain­storm­ing, was us­ing the brand’s pres­ence as lead­ers in ar­eas of au­to­mo­biles or con­sumer durables. The brand has sub­stan­tial eq­uity in that mar­ket. The ques­tion was how to trans­fer some of that eq­uity to the re­tailer side.”

“Even we were in awe when we learnt that al­most all cars in In­dia are painted by Nerolac. But we had to make this com­mu­ni­ca­tion rel­e­vant to con­sumers. The colour dura­bil­ity and shine of be­long­ings like cars and re­frig­er­a­tors that peo­ple flaunt can be used on walls. We com­mu­ni­cated that Nerolac is a leader, the brand is ap­pre­ci­ated for its shine and dura­bil­ity and then the call to ac­tion to paint houses with Nerolac,” Ah­luwalia adds.

The ad is part of a full-fledged cam­paign across mul­ti­ple medi­ums in­clud­ing dig­i­tal. More films on sim­i­lar lines will be rolled out as part of the cam­paign.


N Chan­dramouli, CEO, Trust Re­search Ad­vi­sory, a brand in­tel­li­gence and data in­sights com­pany, main­tains that the brand’s fo­cus on its strengths for an ad is an in­no­va­tive an­gle to mar­ket­ing.

“The in­for­ma­tion was a sur­prise for ev­ery­body, in­clud­ing me. The ad re­in­forces the brand’s cred­i­bil­ity. Nerolac has al­ways been an in­no­va­tor and this an­gle in the ad is new. Our re­cent re­port about In­dia’s most con­sumer-fo­cused brands sug­gests that only 500 of 9000 brands in In­dia have a pos­i­tive buy­ing propen­sity and Nerolac is the only paint brand that fea­tures in the list,” Chan­dramouli says.

Vidur Vyas, founder - North­Side, a strate­gic busi­ness and brand mar­ket­ing con­sul­tancy, con­sid­ers the ad and the brand mes­sage a good mar­ket­ing ef­fort.

“This will de­velop a ref­er­ence point for con­sumers which they can see and also use on a daily ba­sis. In ad­di­tion, it will en­hance trust for the brand be­cause users will get to know that they have been us­ing Nerolac with good re­sults on their durables and will be tempted to try it,” Vyas says. ■

“The need for such a cam­paign has al­ways ex­isted. When­ever we told peo­ple that Nerolac also paints items right from a hair­clip to home ap­pli­ances and cars, it al­ways cre­ates a ‘wow’ ef­fect.” PEEYUSH BACHLAUS

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