Whole Econ­omy Is Mis­man­aged

The Day After - - FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK - Su­nil Dang Ed­i­tor-in-Chief

Gen­er­ally, the UN Gen­ral Assem­bly meet had been a one day af­fair for the Ex­ter­nal Af­fair Min­is­ter. But, Sushma Swaraj de­cided to go on ten days of­fi­cial visit which re­sulted in 44 bi-lat­eral meet­ings and 13 joint dec­la­ra­tions re­lated to en­hanc­ing trade and com­merce with the re­spec­tive coun­tries. Be­ing an adept politi­cian, Sushma Swaraj re­al­ized the UN plat­form and its im­por­tance in syn­chro­niz­ing diplo­macy with trade and com­merce which her pre­de­ces­sors failed to even think of. Such, a re­sound­ing suc­cess of this diplo­macy has once again started the de­bate whether we merge Ex­ter­nal Af­fairs Min­istry and Com­merce and In­dus­tries Min­istry. But, as for­mer fi­nance min­is­ter Yash­want Sinha said, when whole econ­omy is mis­man­aged, it may hap­pen that Sushma Swaraj’s hard work goes in vain.

Ever since, BJP and Congress have come closer in terms of strength in the Ra­jya Sabha, the ‘party with dif­fer­ence’ has been found ask­ing for equal share in the var­i­ous Ra­jya Sabha com­mit­tees. Their de­mand is right as the Up­per House com­mit­tees are her­alded through pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the var­i­ous par­ties. But, at a time when the BJP is al­ready fac­ing tal­ent pool cri­sis in the Lower House, hope BJP will give im­por­tance to the lead­ers and their ex­pe­ri­ence in the par­lia­men­tary polity rather putting watch dogs in var­i­ous com­mit­tees be­cause it’s these com­mit­tees that helps gov­ern­ment to run smoothly and im­ple­ment its vi­sion into the re­al­ity. Check and bal­ance tak­ing place in var­i­ous com­mit­tees should be ad­dressed to the na­tional in­ter­est rather par­tic­u­lar po­lit­i­cal party.

Though, BJP lead­er­ship tried its level best to show its strength and unity, the na­tional ex­ec­u­tive was in­dica­tive enough that the ‘party with dif­fer­ence’ is fac­ing huge in­fight­ing and fac­tion­al­ism. If I go by the se­nior party leader and BJP par­lia­men­tary board mem­ber, a rift is emerg­ing be­tween Modi and Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah is un­able to bridge this emerg­ing gap. If re­ports are to be be­lieved, Yogi is not happy with Ke­shav Prasad Mourya and he has made his feel­ing known to Amit Shah. Hence, if this gap doesn’t get bridged soo, it would put a ques­tion mark over Amit Shah’s abil­ity to lead a party and keep var­i­ous lead­ers to­gether in the name of ide­ol­ogy which was a hall­mark of Atal Bi­hari Va­j­payee and LK Ad­vani.

It is well de­fined in our con­sti­tu­tion that speaker’s de­ci­sion (stand­ing or­ders or speak­ing or­ders) is in­jus­ti­cia­ble. Then I don’t un­der­stand why 18 leg­is­la­tors of the Tamil Nadu assem­bly went to the court and iron­i­cally court too ac­cepted the case. I agree that there should be check and bal­ance among var­i­ous demo­cratic in­sti­tu­tions but in the name of this con­sti­tu­tional re­spon­si­bil­ity one in­sti­tu­tion can’t barge into some other in­sti­tu­tional do­main. Rather go­ing to court, I would have been happy if those leg­is­la­tors had went to their peo­ple, which is supreme in any democ­racy. Af­ter all, af­ter dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion if these MLAs are stripped off from their assem­bly mem­ber­ship, by-elec­tions to these 18 seats would be a ref­er­en­dum on the AIADMK con­duct post Amma’s demise.

For the first time in In­dian po­lit­i­cal his­tory, the gov­ern­ment has or­dered the en­quiry com­mit­tee to go through the FDI files re­lated to Air­cel-Maxix Deal. And prob­a­bly, it would be first time when of­fice fi­nance min­is­ter who is con­sid­ered cus­to­dian of the na­tional econ­omy would come un­der the scan­ner of var­i­ous FIIs. But, the gov­ern­ment should know that our eco­nomic health is not in that con­di­tion when we can af­ford to have such trust deficit of our in­vestors. These things could have done keep­ing un­der cover and not al­low­ing any kind of nige­tive im­pact on our in­vest­ment ma­jors which both PMO and MEA has cre­ated through var­i­ous over­seas vis­its and bi-lat­eral meet­ings.

Whole na­tion would be cel­e­brat­ing Dussehra in next few day and soo we would get into the fes­ti­val mode for next fort­night. Hope, this would help our po­lit­i­cal lead­ers too to kill all evils and have a heart for their crit­ics too.

Jai Ho!

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