ALL IS WELL Be­tween Son­akshi-Jac­que­line


Jac­que­line Fernandez and Son­akshi Sin­haa were a part of Sal­man Khan’s Da­bangg tour. But, dur­ing the tour Jac­que­line Fernandez and Son­akshi Sinha had a mis­un­der­stand­ing of sorts back­stage when they had to co-per­form with Sal­man. The two may well be co-stars of Sal­man Khan in dif­fer­ent films, but they were also his cop­er­form­ers on stage. And it so hap­pened that the two got into an al­ter­ca­tion back stage. The deci­bel lev­els reached Sal­man’s ears and the ac­tor had to step in to dif­fuse the sit­u­a­tion.

Sal­man reached to them and asked them to calm down. See­ing Sal­man there, both the ac­tresses not only calm down im­me­di­ately but hugged each other too. Son­akshi and Jac­que­line were also seen hug­ging each other warmly af­ter they reached In­dian shores from the tour.

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