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ing col­lec­tion pend­ing Dis­cussed CAMS or­ga­nized 3rd EC MEET at Mun­nar on 4th & 5th March 2017

1) Mem­ber Sub­scrip­tion & In­surance Pay­ment de­tails dis­cussed and in­sisted the Ec’s to col­lect the pend­ing pay­ment be­fore March 31st since they have to close the cur­rent ac­count book be­fore this Aca­demic year. 2) Mem­ber De­tails has not been up­dated in CON­FED and CAMS for a long time so re­quested EC’s to con­cen­trate on col­lect­ing Mem­ber form and also re­quested to col­lect a copy of TIN Copy as guide­line by CON­FED, which has to be up­loaded in CON­FED Web­site for mem­ber to get the ben­e­fit with out any hin­drance. 3) Dis­cussed the mem­ber sta­tus and de­cided to re­move cer­tain mem­bers who were not in the busi­ness for more than a year and also not in con­tact in their ad­dress and phone. 4) Dis­cussed about fill­ing the au­dited re­port for last 2 years in vain of co­or­di­nat­ing the past of­fice bear­ers on a sin­gle day, Ec has de­cided to make a draft of au­dited re­port as given by them ear­lier and take it per­son­ally to the Pres­i­dent and Trea­surer of the par­tic­u­lar pe­riod and eval­u­ate the fi­nal re­port by Team. 5) Ad­vance tax of Rs.10000 to be paid be­fore 15th March 2017 as ad­vised by Au­di­tors. 6) As each year Trea­surer’s hav­ing the for­mat in Ex­cel,Tally and Busy it was de­cided to main­tain a man­ual Ac­counts Book from April 2017 just like Min­utes book since ac­counts data can be eas­ily han­dled on com­ing years for au­dit­ing and ac­count­abil­ity. 7) For CON­FED sum­mit 2017 at Ko­dai SPCP-CON­FED team was as­signed to Mr.N.Senthil Ku­mar and CAMS SPCP was as­signed to Mr.Vel­mu­ru­gan. 8) De­cided to Col­lect Rs.4000 for three day sum­mit as stip­u­lated by CON­FED and those mem­bers who need Trans­port has to pay Rs.500 ex­tra.

New Task to be ex­cuted in 2nd Quar­ter (AMJ) was briefed to the Mem­bers which are as fol­lows.

1) Soft skill train­ing to mem­bers about per­son­al­ity de­vel­op­ment and Sales skill to over­come cur­rent mar­ket­ing sce­nario. 2) Fam­ily get to­gether for all the mem­ber of CAMS (60 fam­ily) to held on May 28th 2017. 3) Plan­ning to re­lease CAMS Sil­ver Ju­bilee Sov­er­eign by Oc­to­ber 2017.

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