Goa Lap­top dis­tri­bu­tion plan lo­cal deal­ers up­sets


Com­puter Dealer’s Fo­rum of Goa (CDFG) has raised anx­i­ety about the cy­ber­age re­lated ten­der re­cently floated by ITG and ap­pealed to the gov­ern­ment to dis­trib­ute the ten­ders for the 45,000 lap­tops to the com­pe­tent com­puter deal­ers across Goa in a free and fair man­ner.

Info Tech Cor­po­ra­tion of Goa has floated the ten­der to pro­cure 45,000 lap­tops to be distributed to the stu­dents of class XI and XII this year.

Al­leg­ing that ten­ders re­lated to cy­ber­age were given to se­lect few deal­ers in the past the fo­rum has ap­pealed to the gov­ern­ment to in­struct the au­thor­i­ties to avoid sys­tem­atic preven­tion of the com­pe­tent Goan com­puter deal­ers by in­cor­po­rat­ing re­stric­tive clauses in the ten­der.

The fo­rum has also pointed out that as the num­ber of com­put­ers and Lap­tops to be sup­plied is huge if the ten­ders are not distributed in a fair man­ner the Goan mar­ket place for lap­tops would be stran­gu­lated forc­ing around 400 en­ter­prises across Goa to shut their shops. This they warned would jeop­ar­dize dig­ni­fied em­ploy­ment of over 3000 skilled and ed­u­cated Goan youth.

The as­so­ci­a­tion has also ques­tioned the need for dis­tribut­ing free lap­tops to all stu­dents in Goa, say­ing that Goa was fi­nan­cially af­flu­ent and did not re­quire such ben­e­fits.

The fo­rum has also re­quested the gov­ern­ment to grant a fi­nan­cial relief pack­age to com­puter deal­ers for the deal­ers to clear their loan li­a­bil­i­ties on the sim­i­lar lines as that of­fered to min­ing ban af­fected peo­ple.

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