Free Wi-Fi fa­cil­ity at 28 rail­way sta­tions of Konkan Rail­ways


The In­dian Rail­ways has in­au­gu­rated free Wi-Fi fa­cil­ity at 28 rail­way sta­tions of Konkan Rail­way.

The Min­is­ter of Rail­ways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu in­au­gu­rated the Wi-Fi fa­cil­ity from Ku­dal Rail­way Sta­tion.

In­dian Rail­ways has tied up with Syscon and Jois­ter for pro­vi­sion of 2 Mbps peer to peer 24 hrs free Wi-Fi In­ter­net band­width at 28 sta­tions of Konkan Rail­way.

Sysco and Jois­ter are pro­vid­ing JOISPOT brand Wi-Fi in Pune and Mum­bai ed­u­ca­tional in­sti­tutes in Ma­ha­rash­tra state and have now un­der­taken as part of their cor­po­rate so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity (CSR) ac­tiv­ity of pro­vid­ing free Wi-Fi band­width to the ru­ral area on the Konkan route. The free Wi-Fi In­ter­net band­width is pro­vided at the fol­low­ing Rail­way sta­tions of Konkan Rail­way: Ko­lad, Man­gaon, Veer, Karan­jadi, In­here, Di­wankha­vati, Khed, An­jani, Chiplun, Kamte, Sawarda, Aravali Road, Sangameswar, Uk­shi, Bhoke, Rat­na­giri, Ni­vasa, Aravali, Vilavade, Ra­japur Road, Vaib­havwadi Road, Nand- gaon Road, Kankavali, Sind­hudurg, Ku­dal, Zarap, Sawant­wadi Road and Madure.

Un­lim­ited free Wi-Fi fa­cil­ity will be pro­vided at 28 sta­tions from Ko­lad to Madure in the ini­tial phase with a peer to peer speed of 2 Mbps. The sys­tem can pro­vide ac­cess to about 300 users at big­ger sta­tions and about 100 users at smaller sta­tions.

This fa­cil­ity will help trav­el­ling pub­lic, com­mutes and tourists on In­dian Rail­ways to ac­cess es­sen­tial in­for­ma­tion and they could use their time pro­duc­tively while wait­ing for trains at rail­way sta­tions.

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