Wi-Fi-en­abled Smart Honey­well Air Touch S Air Pu­ri­fier


of­fers one of the broad­est and most com­pre­hen­sive ranges of in­door air pu­ri­fiers in In­dia for homes, cars, and in­sti­tu­tions. Honey­well Air Touch S is the Wi-Fi-en­abled smart air pu­ri­fier that con­nects with ‘Honey­well Hplus’ app on both iOS and An­droid plat­forms. The model gives real time in­door air qual­ity in­di­ca­tion and real time fil­ter health in­di­ca­tion on the app. The mo­bile app al­lows you to re­motely con­trol and op­er­ate the air pu­ri­fier. Air Touch S, has a multi-lay­ered fil­tra­tion process; the grade 11 HEPA fil­ter elim­i­nates par­ti­cles of size 0.3 mi­crome­tre or larger in di­am­e­ter in­clud­ing PM2.5 and mi­cro­scopic al­ler­gens with a 99% ef­fi­ciency. Air Touch S also has a HiSiv fil­ter, with patented Honey­well tech­nol­ogy that re­moves odour, formalde­hyde, house­hold fumes, and other toxic gases with a unique hon­ey­comb de­sign.

The ma­jor USP of Air Touch S is the sched­ul­ing fea­ture which al­lows you to re­motely sched­ule the de­vice ‘on’ for a fu­ture time di­rectly from the mo­bile app and re­motely mon­i­tor its func­tion­ing so that the room’s air is clean by the time you reach home en­sur­ing con­trol & en­ergy us­age any­time, any­where.

The sleek look­ing air pu­ri­fier cleans the air in rooms up to 300 sq feet in size in just 15 min­utes. The beau­ti­ful air qual­ity LED dis­play switches be­tween red, yel­low and blue, de­pend­ing on the qual­ity of the air in­side the room. The prod­uct has a unique drawer- type de­sign that makes fil­ter re­moval and re­place­ment ex­tremely sim­ple. The air pu­ri­fier also has a 3D zero-blind-an­gle air flow de­sign for op­ti­mized air­flow to all cor­ners of the tar­geted area.

Some of these fea­tures in­clude rounded cor­ners to en­sure no haz­ardous im­pact to tod­dlers and chil­dren, an­tifall de­sign to pre­vent fall due to an ac­ci­den­tal nudge, smart sen­sors to re­mem­ber mode of func­tion­ing be­fore powering off and no direct con­tact to ppol­lu­tant-car­ry­ing­fil­ters from any side.

The prod­uct goes easy on power con­sump­tion uti­liz­ing only 52W at high­est fan speed Air Touch S shows the re­main­ing fil­ter life on the app and a real-time PM2.5 read­ing from the unit’s sen­sor even when you are away. It also gives a quan­ti­ta­tive his­tor­i­cal data of par­ti­cles fil­tered by the air pu­ri­fier in the room. The prod­uct has a fil­ter-life of ap­prox­i­mately 3,000 hours choice for the dis­cern­ing con­sumer seek­ing dura­bil­ity. An­other im­pres­sive fea­ture is the sound re­strained func­tion­ing in sleep mode that re­duces fan speed au­to­mat­i­cally and turns off the in­di­ca­tor lights si­mul­ta­ne­ously. Air Touch S has been the best-sell­ing con­nected air pu­ri­fier by Honey­well on Ama­zon. It car­ries a war­ranty of 12 months. The pu­ri­fier is priced at INR 39,990/-

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