Bridges or Walls

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Peter Shaf­fer’s play Amadeus — Love of God — por­trays the need­less suf­fer­ing and per­sonal de­struc­tion that flows from a pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with envy. The story re­volves around Mozart and Salieri, two gifted com­posers. Mozart’s cre­ativ­ity and fame made Salieri en­vi­ous. So, Salieri in­vested all his en­ergy in harm­ing Mozart in what­ever ways he could. The re­sult?

Salieri achieved short-lived fame and Mozart went on to be­come a mu­si­cal leg­end. Be­cause he re­mained pre­oc­cu­pied with envy, his own tal­ents were un­de­vel­oped. The cre­ative ge­nius of one flow­ered while that of the other re­mained buried. If Salieri had re­spected and cher­ished his own po­ten­tial, if he had used his en­ergy to give ex­pres­sion to his own gift in­stead of di­rect­ing his at­ten­tion to sab­o­tag­ing the gift of an­other, the world would have en­joyed one more bril­liant mu­si­cal her­itage.

Salieri’s fail­ure was not so much in the harm that was done, but in the good that was left un­done. He sim­ply did not per­mit his life to bloom. Life con­tin­u­ally brings to us more gifts than we can ac­cept and ac­knowl­edge, more than we can treasure with thank­ful hearts. As we pur­sue the lonely jour­ney through our own life ex­pe­ri­ence, we carry with us the po­ten­tial to reach heights of ex­cel­lence. It is our vision of life that mat­ters.

We can ei­ther paral­yse our­selves or set our­selves free. We can choose to open doors to a new life or we can choose to close them for­ever. We can ei­ther build walls or bridges in our life. The choice is ours.

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