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Ev­ery day in our life, we per­haps have some kind of bad ex­pe­ri­ence, big or small. There is no es­cape from ex­pe­ri­ences. One has two op­tions: ei­ther to ig­nore them or try to re­act. The first op­tion is a form of for­give­ness, while the other amounts to en­gage­ment and, in some cases, even revenge. Which is the bet­ter op­tion?

We have to de­cide by look­ing at the re­sult, for that is the de­ter­min­ing fac­tor. For­give­ness is a bet­ter op­tion for it is based on a proven for­mula: ‘save your­self ’. For­give­ness saves you from dis­trac­tion, it saves your time, and it saves you from creat­ing more prob­lems. In con­trast, re­ac­tion and emo­tional revenge means turn­ing the bad into worse, for revenge tends to worsen the prob­lem. If for­give­ness is buy­ing time, revenge is just wast­ing time with­out hope of any pos­i­tive re­sult.

In such a situation, peo­ple tend to give in to neg­a­tive think­ing, but such a re­ac­tion would be un­wise. The bet­ter for­mula is fol­low­ing a self-ori­ented course of ac­tion. So, if you are hav­ing a sad ex­pe­ri­ence, don’t think about the other party who you feel has wronged you. Think about your own self and adopt a course of ac­tion that is bet­ter for you. We are al­ways torn be­tween two choices: anti-other think­ing and pro-self think­ing. Anti-other think­ing makes you de­scend to the lowest level, whereas pro­s­elf think­ing el­e­vates you to a higher plane of con­scious­ness.

The cul­ture of for­give­ness helps in the build­ing of a bet­ter so­ci­ety. The revenge cul­ture rules out the growth of a healthy so­ci­ety.

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