AICTE to Re­serve 10 Seats for J&K in All In­sti­tutes

All In­dia Coun­cil of Tech­ni­cal Ed­u­ca­tion is cau­tious that up­per ceil­ing must be 10 so that there is no ‘bunch­ing’ of stu­dents, or ‘in­ci­dents’ like the cricket-cheer­ing con­tro­versy at a Meerut in­sti­tute in 2014

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New Delhi: Ata­time­whenKash­miri stu­dents are pit­ted against the nonKash­miris in NIT Sri­na­gar, the All I n d i a Co u n c i l o f Te c h n i c a l Ed­u­ca­tion has de­cided to re­work the schol­ar­ship scheme for J&K stu­dents. Start­ing this aca­demic ses­sion, the AICTE will al­low up to 10 stu­dents — in­stead of just two — from the re­gion to study at an in­sti­tute out­side the state.

The move is aimed at en­sur­ing that stu­dents do not feel “iso­lated” on a faroff cam­pus. The AICTE is cau­tious thatthe­up­per­ceil­ing­mustbe10­sothat there is no “bunch­ing” of stu­dents, or “in­ci­dents” like the cricket-cheer­ing con­tro­versy at a Meerut in­sti­tute in 2014.“Asof now,there­aret­woseatsper col­lege or in­sti­tute un­der the scholar- ship scheme. As agreed by the in­ter­min­is­te­rial com­mit­tee, from this year wewil­lal­low10J&Ks­tu­dentson­schol­ar­ship in the same in­sti­tute. Stu­dents


will then not feel iso­lated and have a sup­port sys­tem when ill or when trav­el­ling back home,” AICTE chair­man Prof Anil Sa­hasrabudhe told ET.

“Also,wewil­l­no­tex­ceedthe­ceilin­gof 10 as we do not want any bunch­ing of stu­dents since they could lead to cer­tain in­ci­dents as seen in re­ports of an in­sti­tute ear­lier,” the chair­man said.

As per the ‘bunch­ing’ norms, only twos­tu­dentsperin­sti­tuteareawarded thiss­chol­ar­shipto“avoid­bunchin­gin any one par­tic­u­lar in­sti­tute and to have an even distri­bu­tion of stu­dents among var­i­ous in­sti­tutes of the coun­try”. The ceil­ing was re­viewed in a meet­ing of the in­ter-min­is­te­rial com­mit­tee in Novem­ber 2015. In the last aca­demic year, about 1,600 of the 5,000 avail­able schol­ar­ships were taken.

The panel de­cided there should be a “su­per­nu­mer­ary quota of two seats in al­lu­ni­ver­si­ties/col­leges/in­sti­tutes,for all cour­ses, for stu­dents hail­ing from J&K” and “the limit of two su­per­nu­mer­ary seat may be in­creased by the reg­u­la­tors to 10 per in­sti­tute”. While AICTE has de­cided to in­crease seats, other reg­u­la­tors are yet to move on it.

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