Rain­bow and Heal­ing

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Rain­bow heal­ing is an an­cient method that heals the phys­i­cal body, and im­proves emo­tional and men­tal health. The prac­ti­tioner delves into the sub­con­scious and higher-con­scious minds to blast and trans­mute dis­ease and pain with pow­er­ful cos­mic rays of light. This re­moves mem­o­ries of dis­ease.

Our bod­ies are sur­rounded by a coloured en­ve­lope of light known as aura, which is nor­mally in­vis­i­ble. The aura is con­nected with spi­rally ro­tat­ing en­ergy cen­tres called chakras. The aura’s colours un­dergo con­tin­u­ous change in ac­cor­dance with changes in chakras that are de­ter­mined by our phys­i­cal health, at­ti­tudes and emo­tions.

Most of the time, our chakras are im­bal­anced be­cause of neg­a­tive thoughts, at­ti­tudes and emo­tions. We can pu­rify the aura by pu­ri­fy­ing our at­ti­tudes and emo­tions. The chakras can be bal­anced, cleansed and en­er­gised us­ing the colours of the rain­bow. To do this, you vi­su­alise a par­tic­u­lar colour at a par­tic­u­lar chakra. Then vi­su­alise that colour spread­ing around your body, en­ter­ing your aura and en­gulf­ing you. At the end, use au­to­sug­ges­tion to bring about changes in your think­ing, at­ti­tudes and emo­tional pat­terns. The sun’s rays pen­e­trate the body and all im­pu­ri­ties are re­moved.

Bal­anced en­ergy is dis­trib­uted in the body through the nadi, or merid­ian. We can fill our nadis with cos­mic light that dis­trib­utes all colours equally in our bod­ies and minds to help us live long and re­main healthy. This is the key ben­e­fit of rain­bow med­i­ta­tion.

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