Shah Wants 1L Down­load of NaMo App in Each Dis­trict

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New Delhi: Af­ter hav­ing lever­aged mo­bile SMS in the 2015 mem­ber­ship drive, BJP pres­i­dent Amit Shah has de­cided to utilise smart­phones to pub­li­cise the Naren­dra Modi gover nment’s ini­tia­tives and thereby deep­en­ing the party’s ap­peal.

In what could be a vir­tual com­pe­ti­tion with ma­jor mo­bile apps like Flip­kart and Uber, which have recorded 50 mil­lion-plus down­loads on An­droid phones, Shah has set a tar­get of en­sur­ing over 50 mil­lion down­loads of Naren­dra Modi App. He has di­rected the party’s state units to en­sure one lakh down­load of NaMo App in each of over 570 dis­tricts across the coun­try. “Do not take this as an in­for­ma­tion (or sug­ges­tion). Ac­count­abil­ity will be en­sured and it is the re­spon­si­bil­ity of each dis­trict unit to en­sure down­load­ing of one lakh of Naren­dra Modi App,” Shah di­rected in his con­clud­ing ad­dress to the party’s na­tional ex­ec­u­tive late last month in the pres­ence of the PM.

Cur­rently, only about 1 mil­lion NaMo down­loads have hap­pened on An­droid-based smart­phones. Shah had asked state units to de­pute men to the party’s cen­tral IT team to as­sist in seg­re­gat­ing in­for­ma­tion on over 100 mil­lion BJP mem­bers into a polling booth-wise data­base for bet­ter elec­toral tar­get­ing.

Shah has also in­sisted on cre­at­ing elec­tronic data­base of the party’s po­lit­i­cal ac­tiv­i­ties. He plans to ex­per­i­ment with a sys­tem that could pro­vide unique iden­ti­fi­ca­tion to party func­tionar­ies with which they can up­load pic­tures and brief de­scrip­tion of po­lit­i­cal ac­tiv­i­ties on cloud servers main­tained from the party’s cen­tral server. The BJP pres­i­dent plans to ex­per­i­ment this mech­a­nism on a pi­lot ba­sis in Haryana very soon, sources con­fided Shah as hav­ing re­vealed to the Na­tional Ex­ec­u­tive.

Shah has set a tar­get of en­sur­ing over 50 mil­lion down­loads of Naren­dra Modi App

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