Re­al­is­ing the Truth

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The process of Self-re­al­i­sa­tion is not lin­ear. It is not even a process. We don’t be­come any­thing. We sim­ply re­alise that which has al­ways been true.

Let’s say you are walk­ing on a jun­gle trail and a branch falls across the path. Be­cause of the shape and the way it fell, you think it is a poi­sonous snake. You draw your weapon, and warn oth­ers to stay away. There is noth­ing to pre­tend about it. You sin­cerely be­lieve that your life and the lives of oth­ers are at risk. But you are wrong. No mat­ter how com­mit­ted you are to the delu­sion, nor how much ac­tion, emo­tion and self-def­i­ni­tion you layer on top, the premise is still false. It never was a snake. It was al­ways a piece of wood.

So, it is with the ego. It ap­pears to have a sep­a­rate re­al­ity, which we think we have to pro­tect. But no mat­ter how con­vinc­ing the il­lu­sion, the truth is: we are not sep­a­rate. The only re­al­ity is God.

From the ego’s per­spec­tive, Self-re­al­i­sa­tion takes a long time. Once it comes, how­ever, we see that time it­self was part of the il­lu­sion. Al­ways, it is the Eternal Now. Such thoughts can­not be un­der­stood from the level of con­scious­ness ask­ing the ques­tion.

Nor, for that mat­ter, by the one writ­ing the an­swer. As to when soul evo­lu­tion be­gins, from the moment a spring emerges from the earth, each drop of wa­ter flows to­ward the sea. So it is with the soul. All be­ings seek union with God.

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