No Change is the Only Con­stant

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Apro­pos ‘Safe­guard Against Kol­lam-Like Tragedy’ (Apr 12), it took pa­pal or­tho­doxy 350 years to con­cede that Galileo was right af­ter all. Mus­lim clergy is­sues fat­was ever so of­ten on one is­sue or the other. Tem­ple en­try ban for ‘lower’ castes was prac­tised with im­punity for ages and now con­tin­ues covertly. The en­try of women wor­ship­pers into some tem­ple sanc­tums is the cur­rent rage, to be sadly joined to­day by the fa­tal crack­ers of Kol­lam.

When be­lief turns blind to rea­son, heavy price has to be paid through gen­er­a­tions, and this is where all faiths with their priests, pan­das and mul­lahs merge to share a high dais and man­age their gullible laity pros­trated be­low. Noth­ing will change for a long time yet.

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