The Essence of Rama

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Rama is a sym­bol of sac­ri­fice, a model of broth­er­hood, an ideal ad­min­is­tra­tor, a war­rior un­par­al­leled. The term Rama Ra­jya stands for the mos­tex­alted con­cept of a wel­fare state. Rama was not only di­vine, he was in­vested with the high­est val­ues of an en­riched tra­di­tion started by Raghu. The essence of Rama is, there­fore, the essence of ex­cel­lence in ev­ery pur­suit.

As an avatara, Rama had to en­act his ‘leela’ in hu­man form. As a child he let Kaushalya en­joy the di­vine plea­sure of treat­ing him as a child. But he wanted her to share a cos­mic vi­sion of his real self. Goswami Tul­si­das de­scribes that once Kaushalya bathed and fed Rama and placed him in his cra­dle. Then she pre­pared prasad and of­fered it to the Kulde­vata in the puja room. She went and checked if the child was sleep­ing. He was. She went to com­plete the puja and found Rama there, eat­ing the prasad. Kaushalya ran back to the cra­dle to find the child asleep. But when she re­turned to the puja room, he was there, eat­ing the prasad. She was dumb­founded.

Then Rama re­vealed to her his swarupa, the uni­verse it­self, where birth and death, time and space, causal­ity and ef­fect were a seam­less one. A be­wil­dered Kaushalya, like Ar­juna, was given a glimpse of the in­fi­nite. Rama’s reign in Ay­o­d­hya, it is said, “...was such that no suf­fer­ing of men­tal, bod­ily or phys­i­cal na­ture af­flicts its citizens. There is no an­i­mus and ev­ery­one is con­scious of his duty. The forests are lush and the ecosys­tem healthy”.

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