LinkedIn Twit­terati Will Land a Bet­ter Job at Star­tups

Slow death of the good-old bio­data: Dig­i­tal foot­print of a can­di­date on so­cial net­works is re­plac­ing the re­sume cul­ture when it comes to hir­ing

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Chen­nai: At Delhi-based startup HelpChat, a re­sume is a forgotten thing. The com­pany, which en­cour­ages can­di­dates to send in their LinkedIn pro­files in­stead of a re­sume, has main­tained it even when peo­ple walked in to the of­fice with their re­sumes.

As the re­cruit­ment process trans­forms from be­ing a sourc­ing game to more of an en­gage­ment busi­ness, a bunch of star­tups are do­ing away with the re­sume cul­ture. At th­ese com­pa­nies, where CVs are not wel­come, dig­i­tal foot­print of a can­di­date takes the place of the first touch­point be­tween the re­cruiter and the re­cruit. Vi­jay Sharma, CEO at Be­ which pro­vides ta­lent ac­qui­si­tion so­lu­tions, notes that among his 30-odd startup cus­tomers which in­clude the likes of Ola, Snapdeal and Practo, 30-40% have moved away from the re­sume cul­ture. The com­pany has de­vel­oped an al­go­rithm to help its cus­tomers hire the right can­di­dates based on their dig­i­tal foot print.

“A lot of data is be­ing left be­hind on­line by the user. They are not aware what they are leav­ing, but this data ac­tu­ally means a lot,” said Sharma, who him­self has never gone through a re­sume while hir­ing for his com­pany. “Th­ese data points say a lot about can­di­dates. Thus the re­cruiter knows a lot of de­tails be­fore­hand, which helps him to en­gage with the can­di­date bet­ter.” Sharma re­mem­bers a re­cent ex­pe­ri­ence, where out of the nine can­di­dates hired by one of his cus­tomers, seven were Twit­ter fol­low­ers of Paul Gra­ham and so were most mem­bers of the lead­er­ship team which hired them.

Anil Chan­dra, vice-pres­i­den­thu­man re­sources at HelpChat, feels that dig­i­tal chan­nels have an edge ANIMISHA

over tra­di­tional CVs in find­ing the best ta­lent. “Within the dig­i­tal foot­print of a per­son it­self dif­fer­ent weigh­tages are given. When it comes to hir­ing, a LinkedIn pro­file will hold a lot more weigh­tage than Face­book or Twit­ter, be­cause those are en­gag­ing plat­forms un­like LinkedIn which is a hir­ing plat­form.”

Plat­forms like Stack Over­flow, GitHub and Quora are also ex­plored by the re­cruiters to gather as much knowl­edge avail­able about the can­di­date. “Do­ing this we get a first-hand im­pres­sion about the can­di­date,” said Ut­tam Kumar Sanghi, who leads ta­lent ac­qui­si­tion at Zen­e­fits In­dia. “We see his in­ter­ests and con­tri­bu­tions. What skillsets he brings to the ta­ble and how keen an evan­ge­list he is. Is he a techie at heart etc. We see his ac­tiv­i­ties to see what kind of a per­son he is and we don’t even feel shy about go­ing and check­ing out his FB pro­file. When it is not a 9-5 kind of job, you re­ally need to know what kind of a per­son you are bring­ing on board for which a re­sume might not help.”

Ac­cord­ing to Sanghi, it is also a two-way stream as th­ese days can­di­dates are also look­ing at how good a com­pany is to work for and how much due dili­gence the re­cruiter has done be­fore in­ter­view­ing him.

VI­JAY SHARMA CEO, Be­ A lot of data is be­ing left be­hind on­line by the user. They are not aware what they are leav­ing, but this data ac­tu­ally means a lot

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