Be Friends with Anger

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Pythago­ras says not to be an­gry. When he for­bids you to be an­gry, he does not mean you have to re­press your anger. He says, “Don’t be an­gry. It mars your hap­pi­ness, it makes ec­stasy im­pos­si­ble; it leads to noth­ing but ut­ter mis­ery.” He is sim­ply telling us to tran­scend anger. But in­stead of tran­scend­ing it, we just re­press or sup­press it. And this is where we make a mis­take.

Re­pres­sion is no so­lu­tion, it can­not be. On the con­trary, we will have to un­der­stand anger, we will have to watch anger. In watch­ing is tran­scen­dence. Tran­scen­dence is a to­tally dif­fer­ent process, it is an art; it is by it­self an art of liv­ing. Tran­scen­dence is the high­est stage of si­lence where supreme re­al­i­sa­tion is pos­si­ble. You know only two ways to deal with anger: ex­pres­sion or re­pres­sion. And the real way to deal with it is nei­ther. The ap­proach of all the en­light­ened peo­ple of the world is to nei­ther ex­press nor re­press, but to watch silently. When anger arises, sit silently, let the anger sur­round you in your in­ner world, let the cloud sur­round you, be a silent watcher. Gau­tama Bud­dha has said that when anger arises, lis­ten to it, lis­ten to its mes­sage. Keep alert, don’t fall asleep even as anger is sur­round­ing you. You will then come to re­alise that you are not it, but you are the watcher of it. That’s ma­tu­rity, and therein lies the key to over­com­ing anger.

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