‘Ama­zon’s Vi­sion is to get Kin­dle Closer and Closer to a Piece of Pa­per’

The Economic Times - - Brands: Creating Desire -

Ama­zon’s Kin­dle store has seen 200% growth year-on-year in In­dia and at 3.3 mil­lion, it is on track to catch­ing up with the US mar­ket. In an in­ter­view with ETtech's Vikas SN, Ama­zon's prin­ci­pal prod­uct man­ager Kathryn Abel talks about In­dia growth plans, the new Kin­dle Oa­sis launch and plans to im­prove its e-book rec­om­men­da­tions. Edited ex­cerpts:

How is the In­dia busi­ness for Kin­dle per­form­ing? We have grown 200% year-on-year in In­dia, and the growth is driven by three things — the book se­lec­tion, Kin­dle Un­lim­ited and Kin­dle Di­rect Pub­lish­ing. The Kin­dle In­dia store now has over 3 mil­lion books as com­pared to the US store which has been around for over 7-8 years and has around 4.4 mil­lion books. In­dia is re­ally on track to catch up to the same or sim­i­lar se­lec­tion to the US. We've also wit­nessed that cus­tomers read more books once they sub­scribe to the Kin­dle Un­lim­ited pro­gram.

What is Ama­zon’s vi­sion for Kin­dle de­vices? Our vi­sion for de­vices has al­ways been to have the de­vice dis­ap­pear in the back­ground for con­sumers, hence our goal is to get closer and closer to a piece of pa­per, which is our gold stan­dard. We have also had to in­no­vate in or­der to build the read­ers we wanted. We were the first to of­fer the abil­ity to think about a book and read it in 60 sec­onds, the first to of­fer world­wide 3G ser­vice and the first to al­low users carry their en­tire li­brary in your pocket. So, as we tried to fig­ure out where we are go­ing to in­no­vate next, we needed to re-think the form fac­tor which led to Kin­dle Oa­sis.

Kin­dle de­vices tend to have a longer shelf life than other mo­bile prod­ucts. How do you ad­dress that? The way we think about it is, we don't make money when you buy the de­vice, we make it when you use it. We are not go­ing to get users on a tread­mill and are per­fectly happy if you are still on the first ever Kin­dle.

How are you im­prov­ing the dis­cov­ery of e-books for cus­tomers? We've fo­cused on two ar­eas here - firstly, track­ing the books they've al­ready dis­cov­ered ei­ther through down­loaded sam­ples or through their wish list and sec­ondly, through per­son­alised rec­om­men­da­tions based on oth­ers books they've read.

The new Kin­dle Oa­sis also comes with a sig­nif­i­cant price bump. What was the rea­son­ing be­hind it? The price bump is be­cause of new in­no­va­tions Oa­sis comes with and the premium na­ture of the de­vice. It comes with a cover, a dual bat­tery sys­tem and is made of premium ma­te­ri­als. We are, how­ever, not tak­ing any­thing away from the Kin­dle lineup and the soft­ware re­mains the same through­out all the de­vices, so it even­tu­ally comes down to cus­tomers' choice in terms of hard­ware. We are just try­ing to push the bound­aries on the ex­pe­ri­ence. It also gives us a great op­por­tu­nity to test out new ideas in terms of form fac­tor and new in­no­va­tions with­out hav­ing any price pres­sures.

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