Child or Dis­ci­ple?

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Dis­ci­ple­ship means dis­cern­ment as well as obe­di­ence and sur­ren­der to the guru. The child’s at­ti­tude is marked by in­no­cence and to­tal de­pen­dence on the mother. Spir­i­tual progress is pos­si­ble only if one has both at­ti­tudes. A dis­ci­ple is a con­duit that con­veys the guru’s wis­dom to the world, just like a small pipe that car­ries all the wa­ter from a large tank to peo­ple.

Only when we have the feel­ing that “I am noth­ing” can the guru do any­thing through us. At present, our minds are filled with the ‘i’ sense. Any­thing poured into a full ves­sel over­flows. So, one should re­nounce the ‘i’ sense and be­come hol­low within. Then, di­vine grace will flow of its own ac­cord and fill the heart. Our ‘i’ sense is con­fined to the level of body, mind and in­tel­lect. Per­form­ing ac­tions from this level is equiv­a­lent to pour­ing milk into an up­turned ves­sel: no mat­ter how much milk is poured, all of it will be wasted be­cause not a sin­gle drop will en­ter the ves­sel.

We should strive to cul­ti­vate and main­tain the at­ti­tude that we are in­stru­ments in God’s hands. Only then can we gain His grace. When we re­alise that we are merely in­stru­ments in His hands, our every thought and word will be in ac­cor­dance with what the guru de­sires. For this, we need to have an at­ti­tude of sur­ren­der.

When I say that one should have a child­like mind, it does not mean child­ish­ness. What we need is a child­like, dis­cern­ing heart. In this heart, there is the un­der­stand­ing that one can de­pend only on the mother. No mat­ter how old one be­comes, there is a child in ev­ery­one.

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