Su­fism as a Life­style

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Su­fism is the spir­i­tual life of Is­lam. Those who rep­re­sent Is­lam ac­cord­ing to the way of the Prophet and his Com­pan­ions have never stepped out­side this line. A tariqah is an in­sti­tu­tion that reaches the essence of re­li­gion within the frame­work of Su­fism and by gain­ing God’s ap­proval, thus en­abling peo­ple to achieve hap­pi­ness both in this world and the next.

Su­fism was prac­tised at the most sub­lime level dur­ing the Age of Hap­pi­ness, the Time of the Prophet and the Four Caliphs, upon them be peace and bless­ings. Later, this teach­ing was sys­temised ac­cord­ing to the in­di­vid­ual char­ac­ter, spir­i­tual make-up, and un­der­stand­ing of men whom we can call ‘tariqah dig­ni­taries’. This is a nor­mal oc­cur­rence.

Now, if I had the abil­ity to read peo­ple’s minds, I would di­rect each per­son to the hill of per­fec­tion that is the most ap­pro­pri­ate for them. I would rec­om­mend con­tin­u­ous re­flec­tion, con­tem­pla­tion and read­ing; I would tell them to study the signs of God in the uni­verse and in peo­ple them­selves; I would ad­vise peo­ple to busy them­selves study­ing the Qu­ran. That is, I have nat­u­ral abil­i­ties.

What Sufi masters do is not any dif­fer­ent from this. Ac­cord­ing to the char­ac­ter, gen­eral na­ture and make-up of peo­ple, the Sufi masters as­sign them re­li­gious re­spon­si­bil­i­ties in ac­cor­dance with their spir­i­tual ca­pac­i­ties and en­able th­ese peo­ple to evolve spir­i­tu­ally ac­cord­ing to their ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The Sufi masters aim to take peo­ple to the hori­zon of per­fec­tion, which is the pur­pose of the cre­ation of hu­man­ity.

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