Bal­ance Your In­tel­li­gence

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The bal­ance of in­tel­li­gence is the essence of yoga. First, it will be use­ful for us to un­der­stand what the bal­ance of in­tel­li­gence is. Gen­er­ally, our mind is al­ways sway­ing in ex­tremes. Ei­ther we love some­body madly or we start hat­ing him madly. Ei­ther we are madly af­ter money, or we are crazy about re­nounc­ing it. But it seems very dif­fi­cult to re­main in the mid­dle. Mak­ing a friend is easy and mak­ing an en­emy is also easy; but to re­main in the mid­dle of friend­ship and en­mity is ex­tremely dif­fi­cult for us. And the one who stays in the mid­dle, at­tains to bal­ance.

Bal­anced in­tel­li­gence means — to bal­ance; to be­come bal­anced be­tween du­al­ity. You must have seen a shop­keeper weigh­ing goods on a scale. When both the sides be­come evenly bal­anced and the nee­dle of the scale stays ex­actly in the cen­tre — when it is nei­ther tilt­ing to­wards the left side nor to­wards to the right side; is nei­ther a left­ist nor a right­ist – then the bal­anced in­tel­li­gence is at­tained.

Kr­ishna says, “The essence of yoga is bal­anced in­tel­li­gence.”

Kr­ishna says, “I call that man a yogi who has at­tained the bal­ance of in­tel­li­gence. He breaks his iden­tity with the sides of the scale and stands where the scale stops, where the equi­lib­rium is gained, where the mid­dle point is at­tained. He stays in the mid­dle of two ex­tremes; finds ex­actly the mid­dle point; he is nei­ther a friend, nor an en­emy; he stops in the mid­dle.”

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