No Plan to Cut Ties With BJP Yet, Says Ud­dhav

Sena pres­i­dent says Fad­navis govt is on no­tice till it clar­i­fies cer­tain is­sues

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Kr­ishna Ku­mar & Su­man Layak

Mum­bai: A day af­ter threat­en­ing to pull the rug from un­der Deven­dra Fad­navis gov­ern­ment, Shiv Sena pres­i­dent Ud­dhav Thack­eray seems to have made a U turn hint­ing that he is not in a hurry to pull out the Sena sup­port to the BJP gov­ern­ment.

On Tues­day, Ud­dhav while speak­ing to a se­lect group of jour­nal­ists said his state­ment that Fad­navis gov­ern­ment is on no­tice did not mean that he was go­ing to pull out any time soon and he would give it the op­por­tu­nity to cor­rect its mis­takes. “We have been to­gether for 25 years now. At one point of time, we used to have Balasa­heb Thack­eray share the dias with Atal Bi­hari Va­j­payee, LK Ad­vani and Shankacharya. Now we have got peo­ple like ND Ti­wari, Pappu Kalani, to­mor­row they would also get Da­wood with them. This kind of de­vel­op­ment is un­ac­cept­able to us.”

When ques­tioned about the no­tice pe­riod, the Sena pres­i­dent said, “Yes we did give them a no­tice pe­riod and it was for a spe­cific pe­riod of time. How­ever, they have to an­swer us about what kind of de­vel­op­ment they want. The no­tice pe­riod will be till they don’t spec­ify that how go­ing with a per­son like Kalani, who was jailed by the BJP’s Gopinath Munde is okay with them. How is it okay with align­ing with Mufti Mo­hammed’s party in Jammu and Kash­mir?” ques­tioned Ud­dhav.

He, how­ever, said the Sena erred in not break­ing off ties with the BJP ear­lier. “Ma­mata Ban­ner­jee, Jay­alalithaa Naveen Pat­naik all went their own way and es­tab­lished their gov­ern­ments in their state. We were per­haps naïve as we stayed with the BJP and suf­fered,”said Ud­dhav. “We may go our sep­a­rate ways as it doesn’t seem that the BJP needs friends.”

The soft­en­ing of the Sena chief ’s stand is at vari­ance with what he has been say­ing all along that the Fad­navis gov­ern­ment is on ‘no­tice pe­riod’ and that the BJP gov­ern­ment may not last its full term.

Ud­dhav also said that he is plan­ning to cre­ate a coali­tion of re­gional par­ties to act as a coun­ter­weight against na­tional par­ties like the BJP. The Sena Pres­i­dent said that him sup­port­ing TMC’s protest on de­mon­eti­sa­tion showed that in spite of dif­fer­ing ide­olo­gies re­gional par­ties could come to­gether on cer­tain is­sues.

Slam­ming the func­tion­ing of the Modi gov­ern­ment, the Sena Pres­i­dent called it a dis­ap­point­ment say­ing that none of the prom­ises made were ful­filled. “Where is the ₹ 15 lakh that were to be de­posited in our ac­counts, where is the com­mon civil code, they said they would teach Pak­istan ales­son but there have been more terror at­tacks in In­dia af­ter the sur­gi­cal


strikes.”said Ud­dhav.

He also lam­basted the BJP’s talk that the al­liance was bro­ken be­cause the Sena was against trans­parency. “If they are say­ing we are cor­rupt, then why did they have seat shar­ing talks with us. If we had given them 114 seats, then we would have been trans­par­ent, but since we didn’t give they are giv­ing us names,”said Ud­dhav.

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