Jet Woos Fliers with Coupon Book­let of Flights at Fixed Price

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Mumbai: In a move to at­tract more cor­po­rate trav­ellers to its in­ter­na­tional net­work, Jet Air­ways is sell­ing coupon book­lets that will give the customer ac­cess to a num­ber of flights at a fixed price.

The Jet Global Pass, the car­rier said, en­ables the customer to hedge against fluc­tu­a­tions in fares. When booked late, the coupon holder gets the ben­e­fit of a lower fare than the pre­vail­ing price for spot-book­ing. If booked early, Jet has the ad­van­tage of get­ting higher yields than what it is sell­ing its in­ven­tory for at that time. There is no can­cel­la­tion or reschedul­ing fee.

Each book­let con­sists of four coupons. An econ­omy class book­let comes for .₹ 52,000 while one on the busi­ness class costs .₹ 1.2 lakh. Two coupons — each worth .₹ 13,000 — would give a one-way econ­omy-class ticket to Dubai, while with three, one could fly to Lon­don. A trip to Toronto in the econ­omy class will re­quire the flyer to ex­change all four coupons.

“Please re­mem­ber that the ad­van­tage is re­ally big for the last­minute trav­eller who gets a ticket at a pre­de­ter­mined price when he or she would have to pay a lot more on a spot-book­ing,” Praveen Iyer, vice pres­i­dent of com­mer­cial at Jet Air­ways, told ET.

The coupons can be used for travel only on flights op­er­ated by Jet and not on code-shared op­er­a­tions. The prob­a­bil­ity of the coupon holder get­ting a con­firmed ticket is up to 90%, even when booked at the last minute, he said. Coupons can be used for six months from pur­chase. Va­lid­ity can be ex­tended by three months for a fee.


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