Amit Shah’s 3 Big Mes­sages to BJP Cadre Ahead of 2019

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New Delhi: Peo­pleshouldtestapo­lit­i­cal­party, like women check an earthen pot many times be­fore buy­ing, when they choose one to run the na­tion. In the mid­dle of his 110-day coun­try­wide tour that has taken him to 17 states so far, BJP pres­i­dent Amit Shah’s mes­sage is fo­cused on such sim­i­lies to hard­sell his party and mo­ti­vate BJP cadre to en­sure the party’s re­turn to power in 2019.

Peo­ple should choose BJP as it is dif­fer­ent from other par­ties by keep­ing its in­ter­nal democ­racy alive, its prin­ci­ples are tak­ing the coun­try on the right track, that BJP has a strong and de­ci­sive leader, and ben­e­fits of the gov­ern­ment’s 106 wel­fare schemes will reach peo­ple prop­erly if BJP is in power at both Cen­tre and the states – th­ese three points form the­cruxof Shah’smes­sage­towork­er­sand­peo­ple­dur­inghisvis­its,in­clud­ingth­ere­cen­toneto UP, ac­cord­ing to party in­sid­ers.

Shah’s pri­or­ity is the com­par­i­son that BJP faces with Congress and fam­ily-run re­gional par­ties. Shah stresses dur­ing his tours that in­ter­nal democ­racy is not alive in the Congress and the party can­not be ex­pected to serve a demo­crat­ic­coun­tryany­more.He­citeshisown ex­am­ple re­peat­edly to say no one can pre­dict who the next pres­i­dent of BJP will be while the suc­ces­sion chart is clear in Congress. He cites sim­i­lar cases within the re­gional par­ties to say such par­ties have be­come fam­ily en­ter­prises and the tal­ented in their ranks have been side-lined. In one ad­dress in Luc­know, Shah sig­nif­i­cantly asked peo­ple to make party’s ‘in­ter­nal democ­racy’ a cri­te­rion when they vote. This stems from BJP’s be­lief that youthinIn­di­aat­p­re­sen­thas no charm for dy­nasty or fam­ily pol­i­tics as prac­tised by Congress, SP or RJD.

Shah’s sec­ond point has been that once a party comes to power, peo­ple should test how it is run­ning the gov­ern­ment. His fo­cus is on how the BJP brought out Mad­hya Pradesh and Ra­jasthan out of the ‘Bi­maru state’ sta­tus and was try­ing the same with Bi­har till 2013. Rat­tling off the names of 106 schemes launched by the Cen­tre since 2014, Shah’s mes­sage to cadre and peo­ple is clear –the ac­tual ben­e­fits of th­ese schemes will only reach them if both the Cen­tre and the states have BJP in power. Shah fo­cuses on how the UPA gov­ern­ment­failed­to­giveLPG­con­nec­tion­stothe­p­oor, how it failed to bring toi­lets to the vil­lages and how a pol­icy paral­y­sis gripped UPA. We got a chance to do all th­ese be­cause the Congress did not, Shah claimed in Luc­know.

Naren­dra Modi’s tow­er­ing per­son­al­ity, BJP’s big­gest USP, is Shah’s third big mes­sage. From sur­gi­cal strikes to Modi’s de­ci­sive­ness, his turn­ing around of the econ­omy from in­her­ited growth rates of 4.4% and ab­sence of cor­rup­tion taint in over three years on his gov­ern­ment-form Shah’s most im­por­tant mes­sage. His mes­sage to cadre is to take the feel­ing to peo­ple that while UPA re­ported scams worth ₹ 12 lakh crore, non-BJP ruled states like West Ben­gal and Kar­nataka are the only ones still re­port­ing ‘big scams’, party in­sid­ers told ET. At a Luc­know event, Shah dwelt into his­tory to say while Jan Sangh was born out of an idea to have al­ter­na­tive prin­ci­ples on how the coun­try should progress,Con­gres­sun­derJawa­har­lal Nehru took In­dia on a wrong path that did not have the coun­try’s ethos or the scent of its soil. Congress wanted new con­struc­tion of In­dia, we wanted re-con­struc­tion of its glo­ri­ous past that made it a sone ki chidia – that is the fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ence in our­prin­ci­ples, Shah said.


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