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GOOGLE GENOMICS: Run by Google X, it en­ables sci­en­tists and re­searchers to store, search and run vir­tual sim­u­la­tions on vast amount of data — namely, mil­lions of genomes THE LIFTWARE SPOON: PROJECT SOLI: Project Soli by ATAP (Ad­vanced Tech­nol­ogy and Projects) uses radar to de­tect minute hand and finger move­ments, which could then be used to ma­nip­u­late real de­vices, or even al­low an un­prece­dented level of in­ter­ac­tion in vir­tual en­vi­ron­ments GOOGLE DEEPMIND: What sep­a­rates DeepMind from other AI sys­tems is the way its al­go­rithms are built. In­stead of fo­cus­ing on a sin­gle task, DeepMind’s al­go­rithms are gen­eral, al­low­ing it to per­form well across a va­ri­ety of tasks straight out of the box PROJECT LOON: These he­lium-filled bal­loons are de­signed by Google X to reach an altitude of al­most 13 miles. Once air­borne, the bal­loons pro­vide a cost-ef­fec­tive way to beam In­ter­net ser­vice to places that lack it.

En­ables pa­tients who suf­fer from tremors (such as Parkin­son’s) to eat food without spills. Lift Lab, which de­signed the Liftware spoon, was ac­quired by Google in 2014 and is now owned by Al­pha­bet un­der the Google X sub­sidiary

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