Two False Claimants for JDU Leader Ch­hotu Vasava’s Vote GAMES OF DOU­BLE & TRIPLE CROSS­INGS

BJP ad­mits Ko­tadiya voted for it; Cong de­nies that Boskey voted for it

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BJP MLA Nalin Ko­tadiya and NCP’s Jayant Boskey Pa­tel claimed to have voted for Cong­man; Pati­dar leader Varun Pa­tel dis­misses Ko­tadiya’s claim

Gand­hi­na­gar: Congress could man­age only 43 votes from party MLAs for the Ra­jya Sabha elec­tions in Gu­jarat and it was the 44th, non-Congress, vote that helped Ahmed Pa­tel romp home. But who was the owner of the 44th vote? On the evening of Au­gust 8, there were as many as three non-Congress MLAs who claimed they voted for Pa­tel. T h e y were Nal i n Ko­tadiya — the vo­cif­er­ous Gu­jarat Pari­var­tan Party MLA rep­re­sent­ing Dhari who joined BJP and who be­longs to the Pati­dar com­mu­nity — Jayant Boskey Pa­tel, the NCP MLA from Um­reth; and Ch­hotu Vasava, the JDU MLA from Jha­ga­dia. “That day,we­had43of ourown votes. With 43, we could not win, but with 44, we could not lose,” said Congress polling agent Ar­jun Mod­va­dia. Ko­tadiya has been breath­ing fire against BJP since the Pati­dar ag­i­ta­tion. He had gone against the BJP whip dur­ing the pres­i­den­tial poll. How­ever, dur­ing the Ra­jya Sabha polls, he at­tended BJP meet­ings and praised the state gov­ern­ment af­ter cast­ing his vote. He ini­tially de­clined to re­veal whom he had voted for but added a twist to the tale by claim­ing thattheBJP’sautho­riseda­gent­was dis­pleased­when­heshowed­himhis bal­lot. By evening, he claimed in a video that he had gone against the party whip and voted for Pa­tel, af­ter hear­ing the in­ner voice and “re­mem­ber­ing 14 peo­ple from his com­mu­nity who died in po­lice ac­tion and the pain of the com­mu­nity.” How­ever, Pat i d a r Ana­matAn­dolanSamiti leader Varun Pa­tel dis­missedKo­tadiya’sclaim. “He was lam­pooned by the­mem­ber­sof thecom­mu­nity when we re­alised that he had sided with BJP and it was just a face-sav­ing ex­er­cise on his part. He voted for BJP,” Varun Pa­tel told ET. BJP lead­ers also ad­mit­ted that Ko­tadiya voted for its can­di­date.

S i mi l a r l y N C P ’ s Boskey Pa­tel claimed thathis­par­ty­wasaUPA mem­ber, af­ter cast­ing his vote. While his col­league Kand­hal Jadeja openly sided with BJP, Boskey’s re­ac­tions kept ev­ery­one guess­ing for a w h i l e . H o w e v e r, Con­gress­de­niedBoskey had voted for Pa­tel and sup­port­ers of Vaghela told ET that Boskey had voted for the BJP.

That left JDU’s Jha­ga­dia MLA Ch­hotu Vasavaas­there­main­ing claimant. He minced no words in say­ing that he had voted for Pa­tel in spite of his party’s al­liance­with­BJP.AhmedPa­telshowed his grat­i­tude by vis­it­ing Vasava for his sup­port. How­ever, BJP was not ready to ad­mit it and many in­sid­ers kept re­peat­ing through­out the day, “Ch­ho­tub­hai voted for us.”

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