RE­AC­TION TO JA­PAN’S IN­VEST­MENT PLANS No Room for 3rd Party in Sino-In­dia Dis­pute, Says China

Hua says China op­poses for­eign in­vest­ment in ‘dis­puted ar­eas’; claims Arunachal as south­ern Ti­bet

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Bei­jing: Chi­naonFri­day­saidi­ti­sop­posed to any for­eign in­vest­ments in­clud­ing that from Ja­pan in the ‘dis­puted ar­eas’ in In­dia’s North East re­gio­nan­dis­again­stanythird­party’s in­volve­ment in re­solv­ing its bor­der dis­putes with In­dia.

Re­act­ing to Ja­pan’s plans to step up in­vest­ments in the north­east­ern states dur­ing Ja­panese Prime Min­is­ter Shinzo Abe’s visit to In­dia, Chi­nese For­eign Min­istry spokesper­son­HuaChun­y­ing­toldthe­me­diathat Chi­naisop­posed­toany­for­eign­in­vest­ment in the ‘dis­puted ar­eas’.

“Youal­so­men­tionedAc­tEast­pol­icy. You must be clear that the bound­ary of In­dia and China bor­der area has not been to­tally de­lim­ited. We have dis­putes on the east­ern sec­tion of the bound­ary,” she said. “Wearenowtry­ing­toseeka­so­lu­tion through ne­go­ti­a­tions that is ac­cept­able to both sides. Un­der such cir­cum­stances, var­i­ous par­ties should re­spect such as­pect­san­danythird­par­tyshould not be in­volved in our ef­forts to re­solve the dis­putes,” she said. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as south­ern Ti­bet.

Hua said there was no men­tion of China any­where in the In­dia-Ja­pan joint state­ment nor has she seen any “in­nu­en­does” re­ferred to Bei­jing as stated by the me­dia.

“To be frank we are also closely fol­low­ingth­eJa­pane­sePrimeMin­is­ter’s visit­toIn­dia.Ireadthe­jointstate­ment care­fully­butIhavenot­foundthes­tate­ment men­tioned the term China at all,” she said. About the ref­er­ences to Indo-Pa­cific, which in­cluded South China Sea in the joint state­men­tand­calls­for the coun­tries to re­solve the dis­putes peace­fully, she said the state­ment men­tioned dis­putes to be re­solved through di­a­logue. “We know that to re­solve the dis­putes the di­rectly con­cerned par­ties have­toupholdtheright­stofree­do­mof nav­i­ga­tion, over flights en­ti­tled to coun­tries un­der in­ter­na­tional law. This is China’s po­si­tion,” she said.

In in­di­rect ref­er­ence to Ja­pan, she said, “We also hope var­i­ous par­ties can up­hold the rights to free­dom of nav­i­ga­tionof over­flights­by­coun­tries in var­i­ous wa­ters.“

China and Ja­pan have dis­pute over the un­in­hab­ited is­lands called Senkakus by Ja­pan and Diaoyu is­lands by China in the East China Sea .

China and Ja­pan are in dis­pute over un­in­hab­ited is­lands in East China Sea


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