De­tox­ify With Ka­palb­hati

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Ka­palb­hati is a part of Pranayam kriya where one force­fully ex­hales rapidly and in short bursts. Prac­ti­tion­ers claim that it helps in cleans­ing lungs and in ex­er­cis­ing ab­domen mus­cles. It is rec­om­mended for re­duc­ing ab­dom­i­nal fat. Ka­palb­hati means skull il­lu­mi­na­tion. Yo­gis claim that prac­tis­ing it cleanses the brain and makes one glow.

Med­i­cal re­searchers have known since1941that small amounts of fine par­ti­cles that were in­haled through nose could be lodged in the brain by breach­ing the blood-brain bar­rier. In the 1990s when sci­en­tists, alarmed by ris­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tion, re­vis­ited the early re­search, they started dis­cov­er­ing the harm­ful ef­fects of toxin in­va­sion of brain through breath­ing.

As­mall part of the pol­luted air we breathe through our nos­trils goes directly to the brain via the ol­fac­tory lobes and the ma­jor por­tion goes to the lungs sup­ply­ing oxy­gen to the blood. Thus, the ac­tion of in­hal­ing af­fects both the mind and body directly. Re­cently, sci­en­tists have shown that in­crease in the in­ci­dence of can­cer, de­men­tia and Alzheimer’s has been at­trib­uted partly to the toxin in­va­sion of the brain caused by pol­lu­tants.

There are in­di­ca­tions that some of th­ese small par­ti­cles might be flushed out by the cere­brospinal fluid that flood the brain. But par­ti­cles that re­main could be flushed out by the force­ful ex­ha­la­tion of Ka­palb­hati. This fol­lows the prin­ci­ple of equiv­a­lence. The force­ful ex­ha­la­tion cre­ates a ven­turi ef­fect in the nasal pas­sage, thereby cre­at­ing a par­tial vac­uum that might suck out th­ese par­ti­cles from the ol­fac­tory lobes.

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