In 1996, Janata Dal’s HD Deve Gowda, a re­gional satrap with just 44 seats top­pled Va­j­payee in the Prime Min­is­te­rial race; it was about a third of what the Congress had (136). To­day, Yed­dyu­rappa faces the same threat from his son, Ku­maraswamy.

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The on­go­ing po­lit­i­cal drama in Kar­nataka is a Deja vu for JD(S) leader HD Kum­raswamy. In 1996, BJP's Atal Bi­hari Va­j­payee did not have the req­ui­site num­bers in the Lok Sabha but still formed a govern­ment.

He ex­pected a few Congress MPs to ei­ther switch loy­alty or ab­stain from vot­ing. When nei­ther hap­pened, he had to re­lin­quish of­fice af­ter a his­toric and im­pas­sioned speech dur­ing the trust vote.

The man who top­pled Va­j­payee was HD Deve Gowda, then a re­gional satrap with just 44 seats – about a third of what the Congress had (136).

Iron­i­cally, Yed­dyu­rappa now faces the same threat from his son, HD Ku­maraswamy.

The sim­i­lar­i­ties do not end here. Gowda was in no race in 1996. The crown was thrust on him when he was cho­sen as the con­sen­sus can­di­date for a sec­u­lar United Front (UF); com­ing to the present, Ku­maraswamy was also was not in the race for the chief min­is­ter­ship be­cause of his poor num­bers. How­ever, he was sud­denly propped by the Congress that had more than twice as many MLAs.

Sources say it was So­nia Gandhi's idea to re-en­act the 1996 model af­ter she had a brief chat with Deve Gowda soon af­ter the re- sults in­di­cated that BJP may not be able to make it in Kar­nataka.

But HDK must watch out. Just two years later, the Congress with­drew sup­port to Deve Gowda and he fell flat never to re­cover. Will that hap­pen to his son in Kar­nataka is to be seen.


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