Brace for more thun­der­storms

City records 285.9 mm rain­fall, sec­ond-best in Au­gust in the past decade; State reg­is­tered 244 mm so far

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Au­gust may end on a wet note, with thun­der­storms ex­pected to re­turn over some parts of the State on Thurs­day. This has been one of the wettest south­west mon­soon sea­sons on record in the past five years.

The thun­der­storms that brought rain­fall con­sis­tently on sev­eral days this Au­gust have pushed the State’s rain­fall to 244 mm so far this sea­son, which is 21% more than the av­er­age for the pe­riod since June 1.

‘High­est in 5 years’

S. Balachan­dran, Di­rec­tor, Area Cy­clone Warn­ing Cen­tre, said this is one of the high­est vol­umes in the past five years. How­ever, this does not mean that all dis­tricts have had a good spell of rain.

“We do have dis­tricts such as Kan­niyaku­mari and Nil­giris that have re­ceived poor rain­fall this sea­son. We ex­pect the rain­fall ac­tiv­ity to in­crease over the State from Satur­day. While many parts of the State may get mod­er­ate rain­fall, it may be heavy in one or two places in south Tamil Nadu,” he said.

Chen­nai too is on its way to record­ing one of the wettest sea­sons in Au­gust in the past decade af­ter evening show­ers, which al­most be­came a daily af­fair this month. The city recorded 285.9 mm, which is its sec­ond-best rain­fall in Au­gust in the past decade. It had re­ceived its high­est vol­ume of rain­fall of 368.9 mm in Au­gust 2011.

Ac­cord­ing to data of the Me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal De­part­ment, Chen­nai had reg­is­tered heavy rain­fall ex­ceed­ing 300 mm dur­ing Au­gust only in three years dur­ing the past five decades.

While the co­pi­ous rain­fall this month has saved city’s wa­ter ta­ble from fur­ther de­ple­tion, it did not help much to boost the stor­age po­si­tion in city’s reser­voirs. Ex­perts note that the reser­voirs would need a more in­tense rain spell, which is com­mon in the north­east mon­soon, to re­plen­ish stor­age.

Y.E.A. Raj, for­mer deputy di­rec­tor gen­eral of meteorology, Chen­nai, said that when­ever there is a break mon­soon sit­u­a­tion due to weak west­er­lies in north­ern In­dia, it proves favourable for Tamil Nadu, bring­ing more thun­der­storms par­tic­u­larly dur­ing Au­gust. This year too was one such time when Tamil Nadu gained more from the south­west mon­soon.

Mean­while, the Me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal De­part­ment fore­casts scat­tered rain­fall to oc­cur on Thurs­day over the State. Chen­nai too may get rain or thun­der­show­ers dur­ing evenings till Fri­day.

Wel­come show­ers: While the co­pi­ous rain­fall this month has saved the city’s wa­ter ta­ble from fur­ther de­ple­tion, it did not help much to boost the stor­age in reser­voirs. R. RAGU

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