NCR States must go odd-even: Delhi

Govt. files fresh ap­pli­ca­tion af­ter NGT asked it for ‘one sci­en­tific rea­son’ for ex­emp­tion of two-wheel­ers

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The Delhi gov­ern­ment on Tues­day sub­mit­ted a fresh ap­pli­ca­tion be­fore the Na­tional Green Tri­bunal (NGT) ask­ing it to di­rect neigh­bour­ing States to im­ple­ment the odd-even scheme as well.

Ear­lier in the day, the gov­ern­ment had with­drawn the re­view pe­ti­tion that it filed on Mon­day, seek­ing a mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the Tri­bunal’s or­ders of not ex­empt­ing twowheel­ers and women driv­ers from the car-ra­tioning scheme.

Raps govt.

The green panel rapped the gov­ern­ment and asked for “one sci­en­tific rea­son” as to why two-wheel­ers should be in­cluded in the list of ex­empted ve­hi­cles con­sid­er­ing both the Cen­tral Pol­lu­tion Con­trol Board (CPCB) and the Delhi Pol­lu­tion Con­trol Com­mit­tee (DPCC) had sub­mit­ted that two-wheel­ers are a ma­jor pol­lu­tant.

Fur­ther, the Tri­bunal di­rected the State gov­ern­ment to se­lect one highly pol­luted area in the Cap­i­tal and start sprin­kling of wa­ter.

Sprin­kling of wa­ter

“We di­rect NCT Delhi, cor­po­ra­tions and the pol­lu­tion con­trol boards to iden­tify by 4 p.m. to­day [Tues­day], the area which is highly pol­luted and en­sure sprin­kling of wa­ter by us­ing ap­pro­pri­ate equip­ment, if pos­si­ble through he­li­copter, to bring down the par­tic­u­late mat­ter in the am­bi­ent air qual­ity,” read the or­der.

“If the pol­lu­tion lev­els are still high, how are we sup­posed to al­ter our pre­vi­ous or­der?” asked the Bench.

The green panel fur­ther asked the gov­ern­ment its ‘logic’ be­hind de­cid­ing to ex­empt women driv­ers on the grounds that their safety would be com­pro­mised.

“You are say­ing as if the re­spected women who al­ready travel by metro are not your pri­or­ity. How can you make such a state­ment? What is your con­cern? Is it only a tac­tic or is it an en­vi­ron­men­tal con­cern?” asked the Bench.

Land un­avail­able

In its plea, the Aam Aadmi Party gov­ern­ment said it was not able to pro­cure suf­fi­cient num­ber of buses due to un­avail­abil­ity of land for con­struc­tion of de­pots.

“Now the de­pot space has been cre­ated for about 2000 buses and the Gov­ern­ment of Delhi has al­ready ap­proved the pro­posal to en­gage 1000 buses in clus­ter scheme and to pur­chase 1000 buses by the Delhi Trans­port Cor­po­ra­tion (DTC)” read the pe­ti­tion.

“The prob­lem of shortage of pub­lic trans­port will be largely ad­dressed within one year, af­ter which the two wheel­ers and the women driv­ers can be in­cluded in the non-ex­empted cat­e­gories,” added the pe­ti­tion.


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