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“IDON’T un­der­stand, Lord! How could this be a part of Your plan for our lives?” I couldn’t be­lieve that we were go­ing to be mov­ing again. Down the road I could see a long line of traf­fic. All of a sud­den, in my rearview mir­ror, I saw an older wo­man stum­ble into a ditch on the side of the road, and then walk out of it. No one stopped to help. So I went back.

Though fright­ened, she came over when I called out to her. She said she was lost. To­gether, we lo­cated her daugh­ter’s apart­ment. Now re­laxed and in fa­mil­iar sound­ings, Mary in­tro­duced her­self and told me that her hus­band had died re­cently and that she was vis­it­ing her daugh­ter in or­der to fig­ure out what to do next. As Mary shared her ap­pre­hen­sions about her fu­ture, I did the same. When I got ready to leave, I ex­pe­ri­enced a flash of in­sight. God did care and un­der­stand. Look at what just hap­pened: I was de­layed in traf­fic, I saw a to­tal stranger at the ex­act in­stant she tum­bled into the ditch, and then I went back to help when no one else seemed to no­tice.

If the God of the Uni­verse cared enough to put me where I could help her at the ex­act in­stant she needed help, then nei­ther one of us should have any fears about the fu­ture. God would send us the help we each needed, at the per­fect time, just as He had done this day.

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