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SEE that wher­ever life may find you to­day is a beau­ti­ful place to be. Re­al­ize that what­ever you have to work with is ev­ery­thing you need to make new rich­ness in this mo­ment. You can cre­ate value right now that will al­ways be with you. You can ex­pe­ri­ence joys to­day that can change your life for­ever. You are sur­rounded by life’s rich­ness. Pos­si­bil­i­ties stretch out in ev­ery di­rec­tion. Wher­ever you may choose to go, the first step is ready for you to take. The jour­ney to­ward any desti­na­tion you can imag­ine be­gins right here and now. Rec­og­nize the beauty in ev­ery de­tail and ap­pre­ci­ate the value in ev­ery chal­lenge. Feel the pur­pose that springs from deep within you, and fol­low its lead as you move through each day.

Al­low the sparkling new abun­dance that is born ev­ery mo­ment to fill you with its warmth. Right here, right now, with life as it is, take it all in and let the beauty brightly shine from you. You can avoid much pain by sim­ply al­low­ing life to not be per­fect. You can achieve great, ben­e­fi­cial out­comes when you be­gin by ac­cept­ing the world as it is. Ex­pect to do your best, and ex­pect the best of oth­ers. Ex­pect also to be dis­ap­pointed from time to time.

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