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DON'T take your feet for granted. Treat them to a proper pedi­cure, with the right regime us­ing the right prod­ucts and tools, ex­perts sug­gest. Sharad Kulka­rni, in-house ayurvedic doc­tor at Kama Ayurveda, and Shikhee Agrawal, head trainer at The Body Shop In­dia, have listed the regissme:

File your toe nails well. Go bold with proper, neat and trimmed nails to at­tain all-out foot- care. File them nicely.

Go for con­sis­tent pedi­cures as it helps get rid of dead and hard heel skin. Use a foot file, or a pumice stone to gen­tly rub away the hard skin and ap­ply quick mois­turiser to soften the skin.

Nour­ish the cu­ti­cles. Rub off dead skin growth from the cor­ner of the nails and paint them up us­ing an al­mond or co­conut oil for proper nour­ish­ment and mois­turised feet.

Keep nail lac­quers at bay. Let your nails breathe from time to time. This can help fade dis­col­oration, with just the white one.

Use a pow­er­ful detox­i­fier like Hi­malayan pink salt and dis­solve it in wa­ter. It draws out tox­ins from the adi­pose tis­sues, re­sult­ing in the body feel­ing lighter and more en­er­gised. It also fur­ther re­duces mus­cle sore­ness and cramps.

Add an es­sen­tial oil of your choice to your foot soak, to make the process a bit more re­lax­ing.

If you need to fur­ther ex­fo­li­ate, use scrubs with ker­nels of apri­cot, al­mond, wal­nut or pine nut, as these make ex­cel­lent nat­u­ral pol­ish­ers with­out be­ing too harsh on the skin.

Use a rose oil as it is hy­drat­ing, an­timi­cro­bial, and good for mus­cle pulls and cramps. It is also re­lax­ing, and helps dis­si­pate anx­i­ety. Lavender is an­other great op­tion, if you are look­ing to go to bed straight af­ter the regime.

Pep­per­mint, thyme, tea tree, and eu­ca­lyp­tus es­sen­tial oils are also an­tibac­te­rial, de­odor­is­ing, anal­gesic, and good for heal­ing in­fec­tions and wounds. Cedar­wood and basil oils work well for sore­ness.

Push back cu­ti­cles with the right tool and cut and clean your nails at this stage.

Fi­nally, wipe your hands and feet with a soft towel, and use a richly hy­drat­ing cream. Any good one de­signed for hand and foot care, would have nat­u­ral but­ters like al­mond, co­coa, shea, mango, and kokum (man­gos­teen).

For those who en­joy oil mas­sages, nat­u­ral herb, bark, and spice for­mu­la­tions, blended in heal­ing oils, are highly rec­om­mended. Sesame oil is a quintessen­tial go-to in In­dian house­holds. Mas­sage oils with pain-re­liev­ing pep­per, cam­phor, ash­wa­gandha, man­jishtha, and lavender or san­dal­wood are ideal.

For a fuss-free, ef­fi­cient clean-up of the oil, wrap your hands or feet in a hot towel for a few min­utes, then gen­tly wipe as you pull the towel off.

Put socks on your feet, so that the warmth and mois­ture of the cream re­mains locked in. A use­ful tip if you are go­ing to bed straight af­ter, so all the creamy hy­dra­tion soaks into your skin through the night.

Ap­ply sun­screen to your feet. Do not just halt to an­kle, go on to put sun­screen on your feet as well. These not only pro­tect your feet, but also pro­tect pro­tein made nails that are more de­fence­less to sun dam­age.

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