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AN EL­DERLY carpenter was ready to re­tire. He told his em­ployer-con­trac­tor of his plans to leave the house-build­ing busi­ness to live a more leisurely life with his wife and en­joy his ex­tended fam­ily.

He would miss the pay­check each week, but he wanted to re­tire. They could get by.

The con­trac­tor was sorry to see his good worker go & asked if he could build just one more house as a per­sonal fa­vor. The carpenter said yes, but over time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. The carpenter re­sorted to shoddy work­man­ship and used in­fe­rior ma­te­ri­als. It was an un­for­tu­nate way to end a ded­i­cated ca­reer.

When the carpenter fin­ished his work, his em­ployer came to in­spect the house. Then he handed the front-door key to the carpenter and said, “This is your house… my gift to you.” The carpenter was shocked!

What a shame! If he had only known he was build­ing his own house, he would have done it all so dif­fer­ently.

So it is with us. We build our lives, a day at a time, of­ten putting less than our best into the build­ing. Then, with a shock, we re­al­ize we have to live in the house we have built. If we could do it over, we would do it much dif­fer­ently and prop­erly.

But, you can­not go back. You are the carpenter, and ev­ery day you ham­mer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall.

And al­ways re­mem­ber what some­one once said, “Life is a do-it-your­self pro­ject.” Your at­ti­tude, and the choices you make to­day, help build the “house” you will live in to­mor­row. There­fore, Build wisely!

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