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SEE THE good in life. See the good in peo­ple, in sit­u­a­tions, in knowl­edge, pos­si­bil­i­ties, val­ues and re­sources. Even when the worst hap­pens, make a point to see the good in life. The best way for­ward be­gins with en­vi­sion­ing a pos­i­tive way for­ward. See the good, and let your spirit be lifted by what you see. See the good, and act on the pos­si­bil­i­ties for ex­pand­ing upon it. See­ing the good does not mean you have to be naive, or in de­nial. It means you choose to be strong and pos­i­tive within a re­al­ity that can of­ten have a neg­a­tive flavour. Yes, ter­ri­ble things can hap­pen, and of­ten do. And yes, even so, there is al­ways a pos­i­tive path for­ward. See the good that is pos­si­ble and live your life in sup­port of that good­ness. Take hold of what is good, and with your time, with your ac­tions, make more of it. Be­ing busy feels good, and that’s great. Yet it can feel so good that be­ing busy be­comes a goal in it­self, which can be a prob­lem. Even worse, you can busy your­self with mean­ing­less ef­forts in or­der to avoid more dif­fi­cult, more im­por­tant jobs. Be­ing busy can be an ex­cuse to waste a lot of time. Plenty of tasks can oc­cupy your time. Fig­ur­ing out some­thing, any­thing to keep you busy is all too easy.

The chal­lenge is to spend your time in a way that en­riches life. The chal­lenge is to act in a way that serves and ad­vances all you love and care about. Hold your­self to a high stan­dard, and make sure when you’re busy you’re work­ing on mean­ing­ful things.

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