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Clear in­struc­tions should be fol­lowed to in­stall the wall art with pre­ci­sion and care keep­ing the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the car­pet in mind. Ab­dul Quay­oom Trum­boo, CMD, Mer­aas sug­gests, “Care­fully as­sess what fea­tures your rug has: flimsy, heavy, stiff, or floppy and light. Dis­play­ing the rug could lead to curl­ing cor­ners on edges or ends. The car­pet may be more sus­cep­ti­ble to sun fade. De­cide what will be the top or bot­tom of the rug prior to mount­ing. This should be de­ter­mined if the de­sign is uni-di­rec­tional, or de­cide if you would like to have the rug ap­pear lighter or darker. For lighter, hang the car­pet pile point­ing to­wards the floor, darker to­ward the ceil­ing. De­pend­ing on the car­pet type, weight, age and di­rec­tion needed you could hang it on a rod, and the rod will hang from the wall.”

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