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With the ap­proach­ing mon­soons, a lively and vi­brant mood sets in. Mon­soons are al­ways the most wel­com­ing sea­son of the year con­sid­er­ing the re­duc­ing amount of rain­fall that our cities have seen in the past few years. Cease­less de­for­esta­tion and in­creas­ing num­ber of high rise struc­tures are a root cause of change in the weather and cli­matic im­bal­ance. Peo­ple these days crave to wel­come the rain­drops with open arms. Hav­ing said that if you have the space, then a ter­race gar­den or a lawn can be beau­ti­fully de­signed to have a per­fect out­door green space for self re­lax­ation and en­joy­ment. Mon­soons are also a friendly time for your green plants as well as the most beau­ti­ful part of the year. How­ever, there a few con­sid­er­a­tions that need to be kept in mind for ter­race de­sign and mon­soon gar­den­ing.

Cov­ered Ter­race

From de­sign point of view its al­ways ad­vis­able to have a cov­ered sit­ting on your ter­race gar­den so that you can en­joy the space ir­re­spec­tive of the weather. In case of mon­soons too sit­ting un­der a cov­ered out­door struc­ture like a per­gola or a gazebo would be a per­fect idea. One can go in for re­tractable roof which gives the op­tion of both a cov­ered as well as open roof.

Out­door Fur­ni­ture

Be­ing care­ful about choos­ing the right out­door fur­ni­ture is im­por­tant. The ma­te­rial of the out­door fur­ni­ture should be main­te­nance-free and water­proof. Faux cane out­door fur­ni­ture is one of a safer op­tion of gar­den fur­ni­ture. Also, us­ing out­door fur­ni­ture covers is an ex­tra pro­tec­tion that can be given to your out­door fur­ni­ture. Out­door fur­ni­ture covers should be of ex­act size of the fur­ni­ture. If it’s too large then wa­ter can seep in and if it is too small or tight then it can cause abra­sion to your fur­ni­ture.


Just as you are care­ful about your fur­ni­ture and other loose gar­den el­e­ments, the floor­ing should also be given due im­por­tance. Although, most of the out­door floor­ing ma­te­rial are weather-proof, how­ever, an im­por­tant con­sid­er­a­tion is that they should be non-slip­pery also. Choos­ing the right out­door floor­ing fin­ish be­comes im­por­tant dur­ing the mon­soons.

Timely Prun­ing

Trim­ming and prun­ing is an im­por­tant ac­tiv­ity that should be car­ried out be­fore the mon­soon sea­son sets in. This is to avoid the bushes and the plants from grow­ing wildly as soon as the first shower flows. Re­moval of dead leaves and dead growth af­ter the sum­mers helps in nour­ished growth of the plants dur­ing mon­soons.

Friendly Earth­worms

Earth­worms are your plant’s best friends. They will help in fer­til­is­ing the soil nat­u­rally and they will also

help in aer­at­ing the soil. So, if there are few earth­worms in your ter­race gar­den then well and good. If you find them con­cen­trated at one place then pick them up and spread them around the gar­den to al­low fer­til­i­sa­tion of soil at all places.

Harm­ful Lit­tle Crea­tures

Mon­soons also give rise to harm­ful in­sects and worms, which can cause hin­drance in the healthy growth of your plants. Ef­fec­tive pest con­trol mea­sures need to be taken to avoid any dam­age by these un­wanted mon­soon crea­tures. The best method to kill in­sects is to keep a bowl of kerosene and place a light in­sect killer near it. The in­sects get at­tracted by the smell and light and get elim­i­nated.

Weed­ing is Im­por­tant

Keep an eye on the weeds that tend to have a ram­pant growth at the time of mon­soons. They tend to take up the nu­tri­ent and fresh wa­ter of the plants fur­ther caus­ing hin­der­ance in their growth. So, weed­ing and re­moval of ex­tra plant growth should be a part of your mon­soon gar­den­ing ac­tiv­ity.


It’s ad­vis­able to wa­ter the plants only once a day dur­ing the rainy sea­son. How­ever, if there is heavy pour­ing then there is no need to wa­ter the plants the next day. Se­condly, its es­sen­tial to re­move the ex­tra wa­ter that gets clogged in the pots. Tiling the soil once in two, three days is also im­por­tant dur­ing this sea­son.

Ef­fec­tive Drainage

Just be­fore the mon­soon sets in you need to be cer­tain of the drainage sys­tem in the ter­race gar­den. Its tech­ni­cally ad­vis­able to en­sure that the wa­ter is find­ing its way out and clog­ging in the soil. Clogged wa­ter can rot the plants and also be­come a breed­ing ground for the in­sects.

Pro­tec­tion to Saplings

Mon­soons are the best sea­son to plant new green as well as flow­er­ing plants. How­ever, these lit­tle ba­bies need ex­tra care dur­ing the mon­soons. Its im­por­tant to keep them se­cured from heavy pour­ing. Cov­er­ing the lit­tle saplings with per­fo­rated cloth is the best way to do it.

Treat Your­self

Treat your­self the most dur­ing this happy time of the year. Af­ter all mon­soons is the most wel­com­ing sea­son, which would def­i­nitely at­tract you to­wards your ter­race gar­den. So, have the most of this time amidst cool breeze, aroma of flow­ers and wet soil and a per­fect bar­be­cue.

Spruce up

Add dec­o­ra­tive gar­den el­e­ments dur­ing the mon­soons to make your ter­race gar­den vis­ually ap­peal­ing. These el­e­ments can be a bird­bath, foun­tains, out­door lights, a swanky out­door fur­ni­ture to cover your fur­ni­ture and some dec­o­ra­tive peb­bles.

Plants and Flow­ers to grow dur­ing mon­soon

Hi­bis­cus, Bela, Champa, Mad­hu­malti (climber), Mo­gra are a few plants that can be grown dur­ing the mon­soons. Gourd, Black Eyed Peas (Lo­biya) and Pump­kin are a few veg­eta­bles that can be grown dur­ing the rainy sea­son.

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